Windoze insomnia

Yesterday evening, my sister passed me her HP Envy X2 PC and say if I managed to get it working…delete everything and it’s yours.

Challenge accepted!

After getting her password to the laptop tablet….I gingerly started the process of recovering it.

It’s the beginning of my windoze insomnia LOL

You see, I had been a Mac user for almost a decade plus I think and windows now had significantly changed over time but one thing that didn’t change is how TROUBLESOME & COMPLEX the operating system is for recovery compared to mac.

Problem 1. The keyboard starts going crazy every time I tried to type something with the laptop keyboard, researched online to find a million solutions & hundreds of videos each solving a different problem from changing the language input, replacing the keyboard to using external keyboard which defeat the purpose of having a portable laptop.

My solution is to temporary use my USB keyboard that almost cannot make it as the USB is kind of dirty after many years of neglect…as you see…I had been using my Logitech K480 wireless keyboards for years but without the ability to key in the password to activate the bluetooth pairing, I had to use the wired keyboard first before setting up my K480 wireless keyboard.

Problem 2. Delete everything please (priority mission)

The obvious solution is to reset the Windows back to factory settings deleting every file, apps and settings but I failed to realise how time consuming it is to do it.

Steps taken

  1. Reset windows – delete all files only
  2. Realised windows 8.1 just got downgraded to factory settings of windows 8! Proceed to update any windows upgrades…found 100+++ essential upgrades and some optional ones.
  3. Didn’t know if the download of updates are over or not, proceeded to “update & restart” and found 92 updates ready to be installed.

Problem 3. There is a pixel line cutting down the screen on the left which is a bit tat annoying.

Researching on windows laptop or HP laptops on the issue seemed to be either a software or hardware problem, if it’s just a software problem…simply check the BIOs to see if the line still exist…if no then updating the drivers of the graphics card or BIOs may soft the problem.

So far, I haven’t fix this screen problem yet as I had just install few of the Windows 8 update and yet to get to the real solution yet.

One thing I realised in windows 8 are the various different options can appear in tablet mode & desktop mode and many online windows 8 support also shows screenshots of slightly different user interface adding to the confusion.

I heard windows 10 fixed that but I’m still not sure if upgrading it will it removes the HP support as many things I still need HP assistant software to figure out what to do without lurking online to find many “free” app to assist but end up have to pay to unlock the app’s full features.

I know many online windows expert probably screaming at me now but I know I had been away from Windows for so long that makes me appreciate my macOS so MUCH MORE!

macOS doesn’t suffer from malware or virus that much or at all, the whole system don’t get bogged down with multiple antivirus, firewall and other applications claiming to help you get rid of malware or other scary stuff.

Yes, there are some such apps in the wild but as long as you don’t install them…you are fine.