Day 1 – AirWheel x5

The sound of me drinking huge amount of plain water is like “gaglulululu…” yes… that’s day 1 of me trying out my new AirWheel x5

The specification of the AirWheel x5 is

airwheel x5

It’s one of the lightest of all the version of AirWheel at 9.6kg, mind you…it’s not exactly very light.

I am having a huge work out not just on my legs but also carrying this 9.6kg weight around when I’m not trying to kill myself on it.

This day of training is not exactly what I had expected but the unexpected reward is some great exercise that I never would had done if not for the AirWheel x5.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I had a wish…a simple wish of traveling around the neighbourhood without paying lot’s of money like getting a mid-night roti-prata nearby or go to the nearest 24/7 shops or watch a mid-night movie without taking the taxi at nearby Cinema.

Owning a car in Singapore is a huge investment & public transport are not always available 24/7 in Singapore.

That wish lead me to search for the next electric powered personal transportation.

In the past, I had an electric bicycle which claimed to be “fold-able” and can push inside MRT…but it’s extremely heavy and bulky…yeah…no go for MRT.

After a serious accident of me flipping face first into the ground beside the road is the last straw….and I sold that super duper heavy electric bicycle immediately after I hammer the metal basket back into it’s original shape.

I even bought a huge skateboard after that…but yes…another face first wipe out because of a small pothole cause me to lose faith in myself…haha.

A few years had passed and technology of electric bicycle, electric scooter & electric powered unicycle gradually advanced from a toy to a serious solution to my simple wish.

From hard rubber toy wheel to pneumatic tires, from simple toy push scooter to electric scooter.

At first I set my eyes on ZoomAir 2 from or but after testing it, I realised it’s as dangerous as my first experience of electric bicycle…it’s light and fast but not very stable.

Then I tested out the MYWAY electric scooter, it’s much more stable & fast but a little too bulky & heavy at 14.5KG which is not exactly portable unless you have a car (Which is against my wish).


After a search, I found which showed some amazing “portable” electric unicycle device that can step on it and travel around…

It looks & sound amazing…very tempting.

I saw some videos on it and decided to pay the company a visit.

The first time I visit them saw an uncle buying a AirWheel Q3 for his daughter to travel overseas to study, the sales rep didn’t really explain the downside of not able to check in that heavy AirWheel’s lithium battery on air plane unless you take out the battery & DHL that overseas first.

My first impression on AirWheel with training wheel is amazingly heavenly, I can go forward & backwards easily…but cannot turn with the training wheel.

Later I realise it’s a serious marketing ploy as it’s not that simple to ride WITHOUT the training wheels…

However, looking at so many videos on how many enjoyed the AirWheel like floating in the air …I decided to buy it.


I know…I know…it’s indirect savings from my tenant who didn’t give me 3 months rental…and going to pay me soon next week…so it’s going to be a small reward for not overspending hehe.

So….don’t come asking me for gems as I’m super poor now!! :3

Now comes to the part of training, let me explain what it is…it’s like going to the gym and I NEVER go to the gym!

Imagine that AirWheel x5 is freaking 9.6 kg and every time I fall down I have to lift it time & time again to reposition it to do it again.

My dumb bell at home is 5kg each and that make me tired within 5 minutes…imagine 9.6kg for 3 hours!!! >_< Next is the leg muscles needed to learn how to balance this death on wheel...arghhh!! LOL Day one is fruitful thou, I managed to learn how to go forward & backward holding on the railings without shaking my body like a leaf. But I almost instantly loses balance after I leg go of the railings...which is terrible. I think I knocked my leg on the sides of the AirWheel metal platform like two times with excruciating pain...I think it's going to be blue black haha. IMG_0184

This is day 1, I know eventually I am going to master the art of traveling with my AirWheel X5 so I will continue to train till I get it.

I will update soon once I master it…or another wipe out update. :3 Stay tuned!