Day 2 – AirWheel x5 – Progress!



After drying my elbow & knee guard, I sneak downstairs at 9.30pm where nobody can see me to train my AirWheel x5 again :D

I thought buying 2 poles can help me but after I realised it didn’t help so I discarded it and try again & again without any assistant.

And yes I learnt a few things today!! I can balance myself easier with my body & legs straighten which is hard for me as I realised I have bad back posture all my life sitting on my chair every day.

After I calmed down and able to balance a little…I managed to go straight on my AirWheel x5 about 5 meters!

It’s like a light bulb turned on and managed to go straight all the time, but yeah…I can’t turn yet.

Falling down is 100% of the time, not the bad type…but like jumping off bicycle at the right time….but the AirWheel sometimes will spin 360 degrees if you still have one leg on it….so sometimes I get a little painful fall.

I still haven’t master the ability to step onto AirWheel without a wall to hold on, so my procedures are the following.

1. Step on AirWheel with wall assist
2. Move forward straight until I fall down
3. turn off the AirWheel
4. Carry 9.6kg AirWheel back to wall
5. Repeat from no.1

So repeat the above steps for 3 hours!! ;3

I think I just found my slimming solution hahahaha!!!! >_<