Day 3 – AirWheel x5 – OMG YES!!!

airwheel x5

“OMG YES!! YES!!” – Thats what bursting in my brain now as I’m writing this!

This is day 3 of my training of AirWheel x5 and previously I had been failed consistently on AirWheel x5 falling down all the time even thou I tried extremely hard.

I was training at the sheltered pavilion below my flat, it’s floor is designed with smooth tiles and it’s extremely slippery.

I decided after 2 hours of failed attempts, I moved outside the pavilion and was shocked to be able to maintain my balance on the AirWheel x5 even for turning on the playground with soft rubbery ground!

I realised I had been training at unsuitable ground all these time!!!

Then I venture out to the normal concrete floor and at first I’m pretty apprehensive and did some mistakes when leaning forward too much…and speeding head-on towards lamp pole…or bush…with the usual outcome…hehe.

But after bending my legs slightly and straightening my body…I ride AirWheel x5 like an pro on skateboard and turn by turning of my body slightly while balancing my body.

It’s like heaven when I realised balancing on the AirWheel is actually pretty easy but just need that leap of faith that my protection gears are going to protect me enough for me to move forward faster then usual.

I have yet to learn how to step-on the AirWheel without wall or pole assist yet, but that’s my next goal…and also how to stop where I want to without rushing at it at 15 KM/H haha.

Today I tasted wind on my hair finally and it’s awesome!

I can finally see why people love their AirWheel so much after learning how to use them!

Here’s a video on how people are playing it.

Of course, I’m not ready to ride with one leg yet…hahaha!!