Day 5 – AirWheel modification & exploration

This is day 5 of riding my AirWheel, I had realised that the AirWheel metal “steps” is a little slippery if there is a little moisture hence I decided to modify my AirWheel x5 with a non-slip table mat.

22 August 2014 around 1 am – I decided to explore my area and try to go to a Macdonald near Bukit Batok MRT station.

I googled for park connectors in Singapore and found the route to that destination easily.

After cross reference with google map, I decided to have a leap of faith and go for a supper! :D

After less than 20 minutes, I arrived!



Turn out I fallen at a location near bukit batok MRT where there is a steep slop down which is NOT suitable for AirWheel and the rest is rather smooth sailing.

I had to look out for pathway that had been deformed by tree roots and slow down for those so I won’t go flying LOL.

Tips for new AirWheeler!!

  • Sling bags are the worst, avoid carrying sling bags while riding AirWheel as it will make you lose your balance easily.
  • When raining, never ride fast as you may slide when breaking on smooth & wet surfaces
  • Always plan ahead for routes before going exploration & use your google map to see the actual path before using the path
  • Always have proper lighting when riding at night so that pedestrians & cyclist can see you coming from far away