Day 8 – Meet up & First AirWheel Injury

30th August 10pm+, Jameson & his girl friend arrived downstairs to pick me up to go to West Coast Park for a mid-autumn meet up to play with our AirWheel.

Jameson just bought his AirWheel X3 recently and is eagerly trying to find khaki to ride AirWheel and I suggested West Coast Park earlier because my house nearby have lot’s of human traffic due to mid-autumn festival celebration downstairs.

We arrived at West Coast Park McDonald’s and we ride from the path to McDonald’s effortlessly and we managed to roll above the a little mound and ride past the bridge to the indoor area of the McDonald’s.

After a brief drink & chit chat and we left Jameson’s girl friend in McDonald’s to watch some Korean TV serial on a tablet while we set alarm to return by 12 am midnight.

We explored nearly every part of the West Coast park except the part where there is a nearly 45 degrees slope to an underpass where I chicken out due to the possible danger.

After nearly 2 to 3 rounds of the small park, my alarm went off and it’s time to go home.

We ride effortlessly to the McDonald’s while having slight soreness of our soles, when we are about to McDonald’s entrance where we ride in when we arrived…I forgotten there is a small bump at the entrance.

My speed is way too fast and I lost control of my balance and wiped out 3-4 meters from my AirWheel forward using my left palm to break my fall on the rough solid yet slightly sandy concrete ground.

Managed to scratched up a little on my palm & injured a little of my left ribcage, my left last finger is also a little sore but relatively alright.

I strongly believe this will not deter me from playing AirWheel again but next time I will wear my palm guard at all times to protect against such injury again.

The first injury will always be a reminder for me to be very careful and always wear protection when playing AirWheel and I like to advice all AirWheel fans or would be customers reminder to always wear your palm guard to avoid injury like mine.

I shall be back with another adventure on my AirWheel probably in a few days or weeks depending on my recovery hehe.

So more Clash of Clans in the mean time! :3