Ideas to solve floods in Singapore!

After reading the Today’s article about “Long term plan for flood control needed

I feel motivated to think out of the box to help the local policy makers to solve the problem.

  1. Public to post flash flood photos is good on an app but why not go to social network like twitter & facebook to search #sgflood to identify locations of flood too?
  2. Flash flood sometimes can be inevitable but to limit the property damage maybe a high wall surrounding entrances can be constructed with steps to walk up & down into the entrance.
  3. Safety also must be considered for flooded drains, put railings beside drains that’s more than half a meter deep
  4. Long term flooding also must be considered a possibility, how to manage public transportation for evacuation or normal commute including safety of underground MRT tunnels.
  5. Identify possible locations of frequent flash flood prone region & build better drainage or higher elevated road & pedestrian pavements
  6. We have to think in advance in case there’s a Thailand style of flooding that won’t recede for a long period of time like how to replace public transport with Amphibious vehicles or allow cars to modify into amphibious vehicles to avoid serious flood damage.
  7. Civil defense solutions on rescue during floods

I like to hear more ideas from readers too!

What do you think Singapore should do to either prevent floods or anticipate floods & live around it.