My experience in learning how to reverse on electric unicycle!

I had been riding self balancing electric unicycle for almost 8 to 9 months now and I had always convince myself that going backwards is not necessary.

However, whenever I sees anyone going reverse in real life or on online video makes me envious of them!

There are some benefits of learning how to ride in reverse.

  • You can use this skill to learn how to spin 180 which going reverse is the prerequisite
  • You can reverse 3-point turn at a narrow¬†path instead of stopping, step down, turn, step up.
  • It’s a crowd pleaser, it may even impress normal riders

Below are my learning experiences and bottom is the findings of my experiences!

Let’s talk about learning how to reverse, any experts can also offer their experiences & tips!

1. I realised if I reverse using a hunch back, it will be so fast & uncontrollable hence I recommend the usual straight body but use your leg to lean instead of your upper body.

2. When trying to keep straight, it’s like back to the basic of going forward. As long your body is straight, you can go straight. But when you reverse after going forward, you need to quickly adjust to be straight again. That’s the tricky part that need to practice a lot to learn

3. I heard people advice that twisting the body can let me reverse the unicycle for longer period of time, it does but only if you do it at the right timing and correct strength. Twisting too hard makes you turn to a different direction instead of straight.

4. I have yet to learn how to turn in reverse hence may need some more practice to get the skills of reversing & turning to the direction I want without falling off.

Serious safety tips:
– Wear a helmet and wrist guard. I had fallen like many times on my back with my hand blocking the fall and back of head touched the ground.

Majority of the falls are of low speed types, hence it’s not that serious and much of the impact is on my buttocks and I do get a little stiff neck as I tighten my muscle too much when I fall.

– if you have Airwheel pull bar on your electric unicycle, unscrew it and remove the pull bar so that it won’t affect your legs when reversing.

– Practice makes perfect, find out the correct method and practice it just like how you learn going forward. :D