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Missing MH370 Malaysia Airline, better tracking technology needed.

After several days of intensive search by numerous countries spending lot’s of money & using lot’s of manpower to locate the “debris” of the Malaysian Airline MH370, there seemed to have a problem here. Let me point out a few key problems. 1. Why transponder can be turned off at the cockpit by pilot(s) – […]

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Just witnessed an accident around 9.47pm 11th Nov 2010

While I was walking back home along Bukit Batok West Ave 5 under the MRT tracks, I heard a loud BANG! I turned around and saw a taxi driver stopped at the incoming lane looking as if he is talking to someone behind his car but went back to his taxi and drove off. (I […]

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Injured leg argh…

Recently, I had bought a skateboard and relived my old childhood memories of skating around the neighborhood free like a bird. All starts well with the new toy and I practically skate to work everyday!! I mean skate from home to MRT and from MRT to office and it reduced the time required to walk. […]

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