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My experience in learning how to reverse on electric unicycle!

I had been riding self balancing electric unicycle for almost 8 to 9 months now and I had always convince myself that going backwards is not necessary. However, whenever I sees anyone going reverse in real life or on online video makes me envious of them! There are some benefits of learning how to ride […]

AirWheel Smart MarsRover X5 Review

Reviews of AirWheel Smart Marsrover X5 in Singapore via local distributor Purchased my AirWheel X5 back in 12th August 2014 and here’s my honest review. For the first few days are the hardest as learning to ride is tiring & scary, had a few falls but nothing serious. Luckily I bought some knee, elbow, […]

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Day 8 – Meet up & First AirWheel Injury

30th August 10pm+, Jameson & his girl friend arrived downstairs to pick me up to go to West Coast Park for a mid-autumn meet up to play with our AirWheel. Jameson just bought his AirWheel X3 recently and is eagerly trying to find khaki to ride AirWheel and I suggested West Coast Park earlier because […]

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Day 6 – AirWheel Mod – Non Skid Mod Success!

After a few days of searching for the best material for the steps of the AirWheel to reduce the chance of slipping off. Finally I found a suitable material at Home Fix in Singapore, call the Non-Skid Tape for reducing slippery surface on the floor. After several tests at wet conditions, it does gave me […]

Day 5 – AirWheel modification & exploration

This is day 5 of riding my AirWheel, I had realised that the AirWheel metal “steps” is a little slippery if there is a little moisture hence I decided to modify my AirWheel x5 with a non-slip table mat. 22 August 2014 around 1 am – I decided to explore my area and try to […]

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