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Apple please add a feature to temporary turn off notifications from all apps

I believe I am not alone in this quest to have a simple short cut in the control center to turn off all notifications from appearing at least temporarily for a specific time or until I manually turn it back on. As a youtuber trying to record the screen of the iPhone is troublesome as […]

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What I wish for iPhone 2012.

Understanding iOS 6 had already given plenty of information about the operating system features the rest of the hardware is just playing catch up with other manufacturers, however Apple have always have their way of refining the hardware to be more compelling then the competitors. I just wish iPhone 2012 to be more durable but […]

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Google, Apple, Facebook & Twitter

Google is a very respected company based on search based advertising company & have lot’s of successful products such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Map and Andriod. They do have many others interesting innovation at Google Labs that have some high & lows of Internet technology that includes Google Wave & Buzz. However, innovations or inventions […]

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Thinking of converting everything to mac!

First watch this video [youtube][/youtube] It had been many years since I had used windows and hated it very much for all the bad things that had happened over the years. Let be bash windows for the follow please! Window XP slows to a crawl if you install too many things that runs at the […]

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How To Format External Harddiks >120GB using Mac’s Disk Utility to be used in Both Windows and Mac.

I had recently purchased a 120 GB Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini and the software that comes with is NOT able to format it to share usage with both Mac and Windows. I had search high and low for a solution for this is a serious issue as FAT32 format from windows doesn’t allow me […]