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A Brand New Modem To Solve Singnet 10Mb BB Disconnecting Problems!!

I had written a long complain previously on the troubled Singnet Broad Band (10Mbps) Connection using the seriously “aged” Thompson Speedtouch 585 v6 2+ modem. Now that after I had upgraded the firmware and followed all kinds of changes to my modem including removing it’s bloody build in firewall and etc. I still encountered the […]

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Yahoo Messenger Spam Robots!!! Computer Reply To you like Humans To Trick You!!!

I had just received an off-line yahoo message from someone not in my messenger list and the following conversations is like from some kind of horror comedy combined. pasqualesears77 is currently not in your Messenger List.Report as Spam (Alt+Shift+R) pasqualesears77: OMG tcm78 is that utcm78: who is this? pasqualesears77: Hey there tcm78tcm78: lol pasqualesears77: U […]

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