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Just discovered Facebook Jail.

I had just discovered the possible reasons for being restricted from posting to groups or join any groups even if the group is created by you. Facebook Jail. Not technically a real jail but something equivalent for Facebook as a way to restrict your ability to post things. How? It seemed that anyone can report […]

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When social networks or giant online website goes against you…

Have you try contacting major internet websites like youtube, Facebook, google+, twitter for whatever reasons? Did any human try to contact you and resolve the issue in a satisfying way? 99.9% I feel is nope, but I may be wrong. Facebook currently punishes content posters or online sales people trying to make a living posting […]

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Facebook had done it again.

I guess facebook had done it again…it’s hard to know more friends in facebook. I’m blocked from adding friends for 7 days. If I had added you, it’s only because you are friend of friend who commented on my friend’s post. I won’t know you by random, I’m not that crazy to keep adding strangers […]

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