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Wonderland – Viral Video

This ad is like a dream in wonderland where things happen you can’t wrap your brain around. A train transforms in a city rollercoaster a super huge skating ring, and a sandcastle coming to life in a city park. I believe in ideas can become gold one day and never stop thinking is a great […]

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Muzzle Flashes with iMovie 09 (inspired by yoogle2)

[youtube][/youtube] This is a test if I can do a gun muzzle flash using iMovie 09 & Photoshop CS4, apparently I CAN!! This video is inspired by… which is a great tutorial on how to make muzzle flash with iMovie 09. I simply use photoshop cs4 instead of gimp and uses “Smudge Tool” to […]

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Yeahhhhh….Just heard it yesterday and is hooked to it for a while. Yes, I did not really watch television for few months now since my television is spoiled and I had replace it with 4 fish tanks instead. My only source of information now is internet & radio, so less power wastage hehe… This song […]

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Amazing 11y/o Ashleigh Marie!! Good Singer

Amazing 11y/o Ashleigh Marie sings Leave the Pieces (cover) Amazing 11 y/o Ashleigh Marie performing Audience Of Onen> Amazing 11yo Ashleigh Marie sings Beautiful Scandalous NIghtTry going to her home page at I Will say this child have a good future in the singing career!

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Japanese Magic Tricks

This magician got my vote for the best incredible performance ever! His trick simply defy the law of physics and simply impossible to recreate… Really cool magic trick that I wish I know how to do myself! I had seen his other trick that can boil instant cup noodles with his bare hands…he seems to […]

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