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Updating to MacOS Sierra triggered a disaster & blessing in disguise

On the 24 September 2016 started off as an uneventful Saturday, I was lazing around after a great outing catching Pokemon & filming near Nicoll Highway MRT station. While browsing the deep recess of the internet via Facebook and twitter…I had come across the news that MacOS Sierra is now available free in the mac […]

Western Union Declines 5% Of Google AdSense Payments This Month

I had received an email from google Adsense today saying that my western union payment for November 2 is not successful and asked me to re-enable the Adsense setting for Western Union. After much digging online, I found the following. Google announced this in their Google AdSense Help forums saying: We’re expanding the number of […]

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Solving the no host-only network problem on Virtualbox

I had researched on ways to emulate android on mac for sometime and stumble upon a couple of solutions but only genymotion with virtualbox is able to play Clash of Clans on my Mac OS X Maverick. Yes, I know sometimes a strong passion can push someone far enough to research and learn stuff without […]

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DBS/POSB Banking Distruption 5 July 2010

According to TheStraitsTimes: CUSTOMERS affected by the DBS online service disruption on Monday vented their frustration and anger on social media, with some saying that the local banking giant should be penalised for the breakdown, which has upset their routines and caused much inconvenience. Read more at TheStraitsTimes After knowing that the DBS/POSB disruption involves […]

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Photoshop Stuck on Hand Tool/icon

As I am editing some images at home today using CS3, I almost flipped out in horror that the mouse icon is stuck on Hand Tool/Icon. I can’t do anything at all…and I search for solution online and found the simplest solution. It’s just to restart the application (Photoshop) and try it again…bah!

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