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Google, Apple, Facebook & Twitter

Google is a very respected company based on search based advertising company & have lot’s of successful products such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Map and Andriod. They do have many others interesting innovation at Google Labs that have some high & lows of Internet technology that includes Google Wave & Buzz. However, innovations or inventions […]

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Google vs Facebook?

According to TheRegister: Google is now telling anyone stupid enough to import Gmail contacts into Facebook to reconsider such a foolish move because it’s a “trap”. The two companies have been angrily shaking handbags at each other over the past few days in a public protest over who has the best data mine on the […]

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How Facebook gets it wrong when Twitter gets it right.

Inspired by the article “Competing with Facebook: How Twitter gets it right and FourSquare gets it wrong” I don’t like facebook social networking as it’s hard to “unfollow” anyone or “block” anyone as it linked almost everyone inside as “friends of friends” and it’s like peer pressure to add them as friends if they asked. […]

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