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Traveling to excitement!

I’m going overseas from 25th to 30th of March so I won’t be updating Facebook, forum & youtube during that period but there are WIFI everywhere at that location so I might pop-in here to look around. As for the purpose of the journey for now is a surprise, I know there will always be […]

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Solving the no host-only network problem on Virtualbox

I had researched on ways to emulate android on mac for sometime and stumble upon a couple of solutions but only genymotion with virtualbox is able to play Clash of Clans on my Mac OS X Maverick. Yes, I know sometimes a strong passion can push someone far enough to research and learn stuff without […]

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Today I bought an iPhone 5, 32GB White at SGD $48!

The story begins this morning, 22 September 2012, 11 am while I was lying on my bed thinking of getting the new iPhone 5 while chatting on my facebook using my black iPhone 4, 32GB. Because of financial constrain, I decided to sell my iPhone 4, 32 GB on Facebook. And with all the luck […]

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