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Sudden global death of birds & fishes!

UPDATE: You can see the latest updates on the Mass Animal Death Database page that I had created for this phenomenal. From 28th of December 2010 to 4th January 2011, there had been sudden death of millions of birds & fishes globally and the list kept coming in via forum such as AboveTopSecret. A quick […]

My Tilapia Turns Black! Nice!

My friend Felix and I caught several Tilapia (a.k.a. Japanese Fish possibly a Oreochromis niloticus about one month back. I am not quite sure if it’s the right name but at first all of them is silver Grey color in my fish tank. Now, one of them turning in a stunning BLACK color with pink […]

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My Cherry Shrimps MULTIPLIED!!! hahahahahaha

I had bought 1 month back about 20 cherry shrimps from local fish shops at Clementi (C238). I done the following. Transferred some “cycled” water from the other fish tank into a new tank. Put in new water + few drops of “de-chlorine” solution Put in 2 bags of blackish blue stones (look light blue […]

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Basket! My Tilapia Eaten My Oto Fish!! (Still Munching away now)

Wah lau…I see these Tilapia poops a lot hence purchased 6 sucker (Oto) fishes to clean up the tank…but guess who clean up who? Yes…that’ my SGD$1.50 Oto fish in the mouth of the Tilapia fish!!! ARghhhh…

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Weird Bubble Carrying A Molted Ghost Shrimp

This weird bubble holding a molted Ghost Shrimp and it lasted almost half and hour!! Anyone know why is this happening??

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