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Want to make a 3D building in Google Earth?

[youtube][/youtube] This is one of the coolest tool ever! I haven’t create this yet but it’s one of the most innovative way to create a 3D world in google earth!! Excellent Google! :D

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Freaking Amazing Head Tracking for 3D Desktop VR Display using Wii Remote

[youtube][/youtube] I bet looking behind a window of application will be revolutionized by looking behind that application!! WOOHOO!! I researched a bit more and found out that he is the famous JOHNNY LEE that created many nice hacks and got head hunted into Microsoft X-Box development WOHOO Check this video out! [youtube][/youtube]

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The future of computer

What is the future of computer as a whole? Nowadays the trend seems to leading towards 2 extreme…the ultra portable & affordable net book and the souped up super computer for ultra fast gaming & video processing. However, we may come to a point in time that that the processing power may go towards the […]

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