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Thinking of futuristic gadgets

Future, are we in the future right now? Yes we are.But how new futuristic products get innovated? I think it’s innovated by science fiction movies & television shows in the past that tried their best to solve tomorrow’s problems using gadgets. From Star Trek tablets that can video conference and their medical scanning devices call […]

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The Real StarWars AT-ATs?

Meet “Big Dog” Fema’s new human hunting robot. a fully unmanned assault robot. It was designed to break up crowds and riots. originally armed with a stun gun this machine can hold a 360 pound payload of almost any weapon and any ammo. bean bags, tear gas, crowd busters, full armor rounds… anything. It would […]

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Prediction for the future technology

I like to write predictions & probably add in some of my own very own “innovation” within it for the next 5 years.

Researching The Time Traveler "John Titor"

John Titor Videocast – Free videos are just a click away OK, this is going to be interesting…many of the original transcripts of the Time Traveler “John Titor” have really comes true whereas some have not. A website dedicated to him is at also found another site that host a large amount of transcripts […]

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The Future of operating System – Ubuntu

All I can say is Holy Mother! This Ubuntu 7 Fiesty Fawn can run Window XP within using only 50% CPU processing and can this baby do more then just EYE Candy! The future of Operating System is almost here…once the world starts to migrate to Linux based Ubuntu…while still using Window Base softwares. The […]

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