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FCC new net neutrality proposal will destroy tech startup

According to The court’s ruling said the FCC would stop harmful conduct by broadband providers if it’s found to not be commercially reasonable, Wheeler said in his blog post. “Acting within the constraints of the court’s decision, the notice will propose rules that establish a high bar for what is ‘commercially reasonable,’” What is […]

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Looking into the future of internet media sharing – Simon Tay

I foresee the future… In a few years time, there will be no more MPAA or RIAA or record labels or Hollywood. In their replacement comes 1. Independent artists (Basically anyone with a talent) 2. Independent & outsourced technical specialist for music/movie production 3. Internet marketing via media portals like youtube, and various other […]

Warning: Wikileaks A Possible False Flag?

I have no idea what’s the big deal of Wikileaks until recently the news blew up with revenge DoS cyber attack by the public against any organization that crossed Wikileaks. I feel that this whole event can be a possible false flag. There maybe thousands or millions of sympathizers after Wikileaks leaks out videos of […]

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Twitter should take the Google Deal

According to Business Insiders: Facebook is emerging as a serious threat to Google’s core business, and Twitter is the only “social” company Google can buy that might have a chance of combating this. Read more: Twitter should take the $4 billion USD Google offer!!!! Let’s list the reasons why Twitter needs a platform as […]

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The future of internet


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