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How to make a $5 DIY External Hard Disk enclosure

I had woken up with sun shine on my face & it’s another day of my life :D Today, I had decided to make a difference…my table is getting really untidy and it’s very very irritating to be playing & working on a untidy table. After eating lunch while watching the latest episode of Nikita, […]

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Weird Dream 2

Today I had another weird dream, yesterday after not sleeping until afternoon 1pm (because I slept too much previous afternoon) I was unable to go to bed due to sudden call by a client for a urgent tech support request at 1pm (Some internet failure to connect, USB problems). Almost collapsing in the MRT from […]

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2012 (2009) Ultimate Movie Review

[youtube][/youtube] Yes, the ultimate disaster movie is on the movie screen in Singapore today! Yes! I managed to book the ticket early at a later time of 9.45pm on a Thursday night even thou I know it’s a 2 hours & 30+ minutes movie. It’s worth EVERY PENNY that I had paid for the extra […]

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The Chain Mail That Touched Me :D

Today going to share with you a chain mail story sent by Renyang, I don’t have the intention to spread this as a chain letter but just to share a touching story. I will remove the part where you need to send to your friends and love ones part. Here goes, UNEMPLOYED GRADUATE: An unemployed […]

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My thoughts about money…hmmm

There was saying life isn’t about money but you cannot live without paying the bills hence cannot go without $_$. We grow up educated from day one to study hard and one day get a stable job and earn $$ to pay for doodads such as a nice house, a family car and if possible […]

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