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Cherry Shrimp Experiment

This is my little Cherry shrimp experiment!! Primary objective is to test these Cherry shrimps’ intelligence by allowing them to find the entrance to this crystal box filled with food inside!! This is not an easy task for animals with stupid minds…to do the obvious! The shrimps are apparently pretty smart!

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Anyone Can Help Identify This Shrimp?

My red cherry shrimps, Sakura shrimps are living happily with another types of shrimps for some time and I don’t even know what to call these shrimps. They are spotted to have black-white stripes with grey black overall with possible similarities of those from Sulawesi Shrimps..but I am not very sure. Anyone can identify them? […]

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My Tilapia Turns Black! Nice!

My friend Felix and I caught several Tilapia (a.k.a. Japanese Fish possibly a Oreochromis niloticus about one month back. I am not quite sure if it’s the right name but at first all of them is silver Grey color in my fish tank. Now, one of them turning in a stunning BLACK color with pink […]

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Random Images of my Shrimp Tank!!

I am taking some photos for the previous experiment for getting rid of BBA but realize there are more beautiful scene in my shrimp tank…like the ones below!

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Trying out new experiment to get rid of BBA (Black Bush Algae)

Currently I have a BBA (Black Bush Algae) problem for my 2 feet planted fish tank for about 2 weeks now. I had previously ignored the problem but only to find out it had spread across my whole planted fish tank!! This is the photos of my tank being infected with BBA. It’s dark red […]

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