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AirWheel Smart MarsRover X5 Review

Reviews of AirWheel Smart Marsrover X5 in Singapore via local distributor Purchased my AirWheel X5 back in 12th August 2014 and here’s my honest review. For the first few days are the hardest as learning to ride is tiring & scary, had a few falls but nothing serious. Luckily I bought some knee, elbow, […]

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Kindle Fire Specification Review

Pros Cloud web surfing – supposedly faster loading web browser Amazon’s 18 millions of movies/songs/apps 7″ Vibrant Color IPS display Cheap $199? 14.6 ounces (Lighter than iPad 2) Cons Only have 8GB space? OMG that’s too little!! Even thou it’s being advertised as 8GB for 80 apps plus either 10 movies or 800 songs or […]

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World Invasion Battle Los Angeles – Review

Is this movie is straight out of United States recruitment advertising firm? Muhahaha That is my first thought after walking out of the theater. I’m not saying I don’t like this film but there are too many parts felt too similar to other films making it pretty predictable hence the lack of “shock” in the […]

Bought Another foldable bicycle!

I just purchase another foldable bicycle and this time in IMM near Jurong East Interchange in Giant Super Market. This bicycle is called Ready2Ride fold-able bicycle with bigger wheels then the last purchase of the fake “A-bike”. I tested it immediately after I reach home by Taxi and yes the bicycle folded and fit neatly […]

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Just bought Eee-PC recently!!!

This is the “latest” ultra-portable notebook from Asus, presenting to you the Eee-Pc!!! The above photo is my Eee-Pc sitting on top of the macbook to compare the size and you can see it’s as small as a standard hard cover size. At 0.92kg, it’s lighter then most conventional notebook and it’s packing Linux Operating […]

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