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Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live.

“Candle” is Singapore radio’s first short film directed by Divian Nair, conceptualised, casted and written by both Divian and Dee Kosh. Both the Double D’s (as they are known on radio) are acting in it along with Sandra Riley Tang of the Sam Willows and Lavinia Tan of Gold 90.5 fm The short film titled […]

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Cyborg Girl – Japan answer to Titanic

I recently just saw this 2 hour long scifi romantic Japanese movie called Cyborg Girl. [youtube][/youtube] Sometimes the greatest love stories aren’t the ones that end happily ever after, but the realization that it’s all a matter of the quality moments spent between the lovers. You can call me a sentimental sap, but Cyborg She […]

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