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The Most Expensive Google Adwords keywords!

According to CyberWyre: Google has released a great tool to search for the current CPC for keyword discovery which can be found here. I have used this tool to compile an updated list of the current highest paying keywords. It seems that lawyers are still paying the most out of all. It’s a bit concerning […]

How to increase Internet Traffic to your site?

There is a forum at that ask how to increase traffic in their blogs :) Well, the best way to increase your blog traffic maybe is the following…(I may be wrong) Write good excellent contentsSubmit URL to Yahoo & GoogleTrack your incoming traffic using Google AnalyticsInstall Firefox add-on SEOQuakeWrite to all popular forums with […]

How to see your webpage ranking at a single glance!

Do you want to know how your blog(s)/Website(s) rank in Yahoo, Google, MSN and other search engines at a single glance? Do you want to know your page word density at a glance such as the one below?Let me walk you through how to use Mozilla FireFox Add-In to increase and improve your blog(s)/website(s). Firstly, […]

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Another SEO Tips!

1. Multiple important keywords about the product you are selling is important for the content, title tag and meta tag. 2. More links back link to your side is also very important formula for search engine optimisation!

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SEO in Youtube!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for blogs and websites learn from the expert!

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