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Anyone Can Help Identify This Shrimp?

My red cherry shrimps, Sakura shrimps are living happily with another types of shrimps for some time and I don’t even know what to call these shrimps. They are spotted to have black-white stripes with grey black overall with possible similarities of those from Sulawesi Shrimps..but I am not very sure. Anyone can identify them? […]

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Random Images of my Shrimp Tank!!

I am taking some photos for the previous experiment for getting rid of BBA but realize there are more beautiful scene in my shrimp tank…like the ones below!

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My Cherry Shrimps MULTIPLIED!!! hahahahahaha

I had bought 1 month back about 20 cherry shrimps from local fish shops at Clementi (C238). I done the following. Transferred some “cycled” water from the other fish tank into a new tank. Put in new water + few drops of “de-chlorine” solution Put in 2 bags of blackish blue stones (look light blue […]

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Introduction To My Shrimp Tank!! :)

This is a video introduction to my humble newbie shrimp tank! Hope you like it!!

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My Cherry Red Shrimp is giving birth!!

The video is fresh from the oven and hope youtube can show it clearly. I caught my shrimp giving birth in the breeding tank yesterday night (early morning) and captured the kodak moment with my PsP camera armed together with a magnifying glass. I am so proud of my cherry red shrimps!! They are fast […]

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