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Disappointment of lack of stocks of iPhone 6/6 Plus (Epicentre Jem)

Let’s start from the beginning, my telco “Singtel” pre-orders for iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus ran out within 5 minutes from the 3PM launch which I missed due to reading the 3 mobile size pages “terms” probably due to overwhelming demand. Then, on the 17th September 2014 I received an curious email from epicentre the […]

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Day 8 – Meet up & First AirWheel Injury

30th August 10pm+, Jameson & his girl friend arrived downstairs to pick me up to go to West Coast Park for a mid-autumn meet up to play with our AirWheel. Jameson just bought his AirWheel X3 recently and is eagerly trying to find khaki to ride AirWheel and I suggested West Coast Park earlier because […]

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Day 6 – AirWheel Mod – Non Skid Mod Success!

After a few days of searching for the best material for the steps of the AirWheel to reduce the chance of slipping off. Finally I found a suitable material at Home Fix in Singapore, call the Non-Skid Tape for reducing slippery surface on the floor. After several tests at wet conditions, it does gave me […]

Day 5 – AirWheel modification & exploration

This is day 5 of riding my AirWheel, I had realised that the AirWheel metal “steps” is a little slippery if there is a little moisture hence I decided to modify my AirWheel x5 with a non-slip table mat. 22 August 2014 around 1 am – I decided to explore my area and try to […]

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Day 4 – AirWheel Heaven

9.30pm – mission is to learn how to step onto the AirWheel X5 without a wall to assist me and to stop properly. 10pm – mission accomplished!! YEAHHHHHHOOOO!! :3 at 11pm I’m cruising around like a pro but still have narrow lane phobia, I get a little wobbly whenever I am in a narrow lane…which […]

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