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Day 5 – AirWheel modification & exploration

This is day 5 of riding my AirWheel, I had realised that the AirWheel metal “steps” is a little slippery if there is a little moisture hence I decided to modify my AirWheel x5 with a non-slip table mat. 22 August 2014 around 1 am – I decided to explore my area and try to […]

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Day 4 – AirWheel Heaven

9.30pm – mission is to learn how to step onto the AirWheel X5 without a wall to assist me and to stop properly. 10pm – mission accomplished!! YEAHHHHHHOOOO!! :3 at 11pm I’m cruising around like a pro but still have narrow lane phobia, I get a little wobbly whenever I am in a narrow lane…which […]

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Day 3 – AirWheel x5 – OMG YES!!!

“OMG YES!! YES!!” – Thats what bursting in my brain now as I’m writing this! This is day 3 of my training of AirWheel x5 and previously I had been failed consistently on AirWheel x5 falling down all the time even thou I tried extremely hard. I was training at the sheltered pavilion below my […]

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Beware of “Gold Buy Back” Investment Firms

The story starts a few months back when I had received several calls from telemarketers that claimed that their company is having some kind of celebration and wanted to invite me to listen to their 45 minutes presentation in return I will get $800 branded bags voucher or $50 Takashimaya shopping voucher. I had several […]

Staging.Examiner login prompt plague Singtel/Singnet internet users

On Monday 13th of August 2012, it began around 2.30pm to 3.40 pm Singapore time an pop up login prompt appeared on most browsers when you surf internet using Singtel/Singnet internet connection. So if you meet the following criterial you may be affected Singtel mobile subscribers – using any smart phones like iPhone/Android and etc […]

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