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Staging.Examiner login prompt plague Singtel/Singnet internet users

On Monday 13th of August 2012, it began around 2.30pm to 3.40 pm Singapore time an pop up login prompt appeared on most browsers when you surf internet using Singtel/Singnet internet connection. So if you meet the following criterial you may be affected Singtel mobile subscribers – using any smart phones like iPhone/Android and etc […]

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Singtel 3G disruption maybe due to SMS Spam.

During 7th of September 2011, people in Singapore who are using Singtel for their mobile 3G connection got sudden disruption in services as reported by Yahoo! …the outage affected “limited areas in central Singapore”, where customers experienced “intermittent difficulty making calls and accessing the 3G network for several hours on Tuesday afternoon and this (Wednesday) […]

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Singtel Offer Upgrade My iPhone 3G plans for Free!

I wrote about how the new telco plans are so much cheaper and the potential savings I can get if I ever switch over and get a new iPhone 3Gs Plus higher data usage of 10GB vs my 512MB limit.

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