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Wonderland – Viral Video

This ad is like a dream in wonderland where things happen you can’t wrap your brain around. A train transforms in a city rollercoaster a super huge skating ring, and a sandcastle coming to life in a city park. I believe in ideas can become gold one day and never stop thinking is a great […]

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My Sister & YOG Event

My sister Joey Tay recently participated in the YOG (Youth Olympic Games Singapore) event by carrying the YOG torch for about 100 meters and got reported on newspaper & etc. [youtube][/youtube] After the relay 100 meters are over, we proceeded to Temasek Polytechnic to enjoy free Coke & some nice celebration there. [youtube][/youtube] I feel […]

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Just saw an amazing video!

This may be a old video but it’s amazing! [youtube][/youtube]

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Muzzle Flashes with iMovie 09 (inspired by yoogle2)

[youtube][/youtube] This is a test if I can do a gun muzzle flash using iMovie 09 & Photoshop CS4, apparently I CAN!! This video is inspired by… which is a great tutorial on how to make muzzle flash with iMovie 09. I simply use photoshop cs4 instead of gimp and uses “Smudge Tool” to […]

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