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Another weird dream today! :D

I can’t remember much about the dream but this time it’s weird. I am visited by two person in the dream separately and I got a feeling they are recently deceased…hmm but I don’t recognize them at all…hmm I tried taking a photo of that girl and she screamed and I dropped my iPhone in […]

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Weird Dream 2

Today I had another weird dream, yesterday after not sleeping until afternoon 1pm (because I slept too much previous afternoon) I was unable to go to bed due to sudden call by a client for a urgent tech support request at 1pm (Some internet failure to connect, USB problems). Almost collapsing in the MRT from […]

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Weird Dream!

I stayed up last night till morning (I think 7 am) today and collapsed in fatique on my bed and just woken up at 3.30pm. I had the strangest dream!! In the dream I was with a friend investigating an high level apartment, the lift system looked very ancient or it’s just weird. The lift […]

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Sudden global death of birds & fishes!

UPDATE: You can see the latest updates on the Mass Animal Death Database page that I had created for this phenomenal. From 28th of December 2010 to 4th January 2011, there had been sudden death of millions of birds & fishes globally and the list kept coming in via forum such as AboveTopSecret. A quick […]