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Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live.

“Candle” is Singapore radio’s first short film directed by Divian Nair, conceptualised, casted and written by both Divian and Dee Kosh. Both the Double D’s (as they are known on radio) are acting in it along with Sandra Riley Tang of the Sam Willows and Lavinia Tan of Gold 90.5 fm The short film titled […]

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Let’s build a list of game studios that allow monetized LP’s!

According to Reddit This post crowd source a list of game studios that allow people to monetise their let’s play & reviews on youtube and also to reveal the bad ones. The list are updated in this Wikia When you are making a video let’s play, do check if they allow you to monetise or […]

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Boycotting Companies who have Content ID Claimed on youtube

We the youtube content creators are suffering form content ID problems and much of the hassle starts from companies who wanted to claim the ownership of contents that caused the problems in the first place. e.g. YouTube Flagged Jonathan Blow For Posting Footage of His Own Game Some companies are exploiting the youtube content […]

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Authorisation to use Gameplay footage on Youtube (Samurai Siege)

Here’s the Authorisation from Space Age Games authorisation to use the game play footage of Samurai Siege.

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Youtube finally managed to get my friend’s account back!

Remember the last blog post I did on “Youtube is not what it used to be anymore” That post started off when one of my facebook friend’s youtube account got “terminated” with reasons of weird “Impersonation” of someone else. The great news is, she gotten back her youtube account! [youtube][/youtube] And you can see her […]

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