It’s time to think of new ways to earn money by video online.

Youtube is slowly killing itself by limiting small content creators from earning their money by putting yellow $ icon on ALL new videos based on faulty algorithm without telling the content creators WHAT exactly is the problem with the algorithm…that flagged the video in the first place.

The guide by youtube is a bunch of vague words that DOESN’T really mean anything specific to individual videos that was flagged.

The algorithm is basically looking for keywords in the title, descriptions & meta to determine if it violate any of the guidelines…but most of the time the algorithm get triggered by innocent words that have multiple meanings.

We the content creator cannot use lot’s of words that deemed vulgar, violent or sexual in nature…but what is entertaining on major television networks nowadays?

Yes, walking dead have extreme violence…Game of Thrones have nudity, incest, violence and more…many new television shows have sexual contents that are deemed NOT suitable for advertising.

What about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon? Why youtube cannot SIMPLY just limit the AGE of viewers and call it a day?

Yes, terrorism and fake news videos…why limit advertising on them? All you need is to LABEL them based on votes by viewers that if it’s a hoax or misleading or fake that allow them to put relevant news URL or fact checking website link as sources.

Obviously Youtube have to approve the link before appearing beside the video as proof of fake news to ensure it’s not some blogs or small websites created by trolls.

That way, advertisers can choose what videos that have “x” numbers of ratings & choose if they want to to advertise on that.

The responsibility will end up at the adwords settings for advertisers to choose to put their ads at the right place.

What youtube is doing now is to limit money earning ability by small content creators is like trying to region lock DVD/BlueRay disc, people who bought the disc legally but from the wrong region are punished while pirates continue to rip the videos out and share online…that contributed to the downfall of DVD/Blueray and move towards a global streaming platform.

In the near future where all online data & websites are Peer to peer…and no longer hosted in individual server…data like videos & informations will flow freely without any oversight or censorship, that will eventually bring down youtube or google as information list as ANYONE can be google or youtube without huge investments.

As long as you host the P2p seeds & data, you can potentially be limitless in sharing data globally without huge server farms, all advertisers need by then is a online ad company to embed their advertising to allow content creators to embed advertising codes.

Adsense may end up be just one of many such companies…that the advertisers can invest their money to.

obviously that’s in the future…when google realise retaining content creator’s trust & loyalty now is the most important and setting up the algorithm to punish small content creators are setting up for failure.

Loyalty can switch instantly once there are a better video host that P2P stream their videos and get advertising at the same time without youtube…once that future p2p platform gain momentum…youtube will be going the same path as AOL or Yahoo or Friendster…and become obsolete with OLD content and less new videos.

For now, there are limited number of video hosting companies that have the same capability as youtube that can upload huge amount of videos.

Vimeo, (closed), twitch and many more…are not as flexible on uploading any kind of videos.

ALL the world need now is embeddable codes to stream p2p torrents in their own websites that uses viewer’s internet browser cache to p2p share the same video to others when the page is open.

The more people open that page, the faster it will be…and obviously the owner of the video must host a copy or seed of it’s own video to share on one server or computer and as long as someone open that page or set to share that seed of video permanently probably with incentives like ad revenue sharing a few percent…the video will forever live online without a large server farm.

Obviously advertisers will have to select which participating websites to put their advertising and a advertising company can spring up ANY DAY NOW to capitalise the future of peronal p2p videos websites.

What P2p videos now need also is the ability to be social without a single major social network, that means anyone can create a ever updating list of similar topic videos to form their very now channel similar to HBO, CBS, HULU or Netflix.

Next is P2p Chat, P2P messages, P2P internet that break free from telco companies.

Soon everyone will be WIFI router for everyone using their ever powerful tablets, smartphone and more…without needing the use of 3G/4G LTE/ 5G or future networks.

The first company to come up with such devices with long battery life will be the most profitable company in the world.