Muzzle Flashes with iMovie 09 (inspired by yoogle2)

This is a test if I can do a gun muzzle flash using iMovie 09 & Photoshop CS4, apparently I CAN!!

This video is inspired by… which is a great tutorial on how to make muzzle flash with iMovie 09.

I simply use photoshop cs4 instead of gimp and uses “Smudge Tool” to spread a white yellow brush color to make the muzzle flash.

  • Thebobbyk

    how do u do the muzzle flash with imovie 09

  • Anonymous

    step 1, film yourself shooting
    step 2, freeze frame one frame at point of firing
    step 3, export that image to photoshop and edit put sprite of flame from google
    step 4, import photo into imovie 09
    step 5, add sound effects from games or download from internet
    boom boom completed…but low tech

    there are more sophisticated ways to do this but this is the easiest