Youtube is not what it used to be anymore

Yesterday I heard one of my friend on facebook got her whole youtube account TERMINATED because of “impersonation” and she can no longer create an youtube account anymore.

Today I got an email from youtube that my youtube channel is not good enough for YouTube Partners.

The reasons they put there

At this time, we are unable to accept your application because your channel does not contain sufficient original content. You may find the the following resources helpful in making your channel eligible for the YouTube Partner Program:

Personally, I had been wrongly accused of “infringing copyright” materials a couple of times and it’s WRONGLY ACCUSED!

Youtube simply use an automated system to reply to applications of such program making me sick of youtube & have a negative experience.

I now find youtube no longer fun to go as it give me a bad taste in my mouth whenever I go there.

I understand google have millions or gazillions youtube accounts and cannot be advertising on EVERYONE of the videos but my question to them is WHY NOT?

Personally, if you pay people on advertisement…they will try their best to make a better videos in the future…to attract more visitors.

Maybe it’s google’s limitation in terms of manpower in accounting? Or their account system is not robust enough to send more cheques? Or there is other reasons?

Applications are reviewed for a variety of criteria, including but not limited to the size of your audience, country of residence, quality of content, and compliance with our YouTube Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

  1. Size of your audience – this is really subjective as youtube control who see what in country level and restrict certain contents of certain country from ever showing up in other people’s feeds unless you SEARCH for them hence limiting the numbers of views
  2. Country of residence – You mean you need someone living in USA or China or Russia to be eligible? that’s Nazi mentality, a video can be viewed internationally and not just by it’s own country people as long as you are able to speak the international languages.
  3. Quality of content – this changes from time to time based on availability of better equipments, video editing skills and more. I find that being paid (regardless how much) will motivate people in to make better quality videos and by not giving these smaller content creators a chance means youtube is actively filtering the have & have not.
  4. Youtube community guidelines – How many times have I been wrongfully accused of copyright infringement by some copyright companies using automated software to detect for infringement? Can all who suffered this please speak up!

Youtube now is filled with trolls who love to click on flagging for no reason whatever causing harm to the future of content creators, these flaggers are not paid to be accurate or good at what they are doing.

I find there need to have at least some unbiased human behind these flagging of contents and they have to be approved to do that job not just some random 12 year old kid who don’t know what’s bad content.

Content owners who hired copyright trolls companies to take down videos using automated system need to VERIFY their detection before sending out take down notices as it will cause harm to the content creators who uses royalty free content from iMovie that may sound similar to other people’s work.