Adsense Payment delayed slightly due to payment falling on weekend

According to the group post at

During most months, we typically begin initiating normal monthly scheduled payments at approximately midnight GMT on the 22nd calendar day of each month and send the instructions to our bank later that day. Due to this date falling on a weekend this month and to align with bank business days, we will begin initiating March regularly scheduled payments later this weekend for accounts with no payment holds and a balance exceeding the minimum payment threshold. We expect our bank to receive and begin processing your payment instructions around mid-day (GMT) on Monday, 24 March. For EFT or wire transfer payments, the payment clearing processes in various locations may take three or more additional banking days before you receive the funds in your bank account.

Most electronic payments arrive in your bank account prior to month-end, and you may receive your payment much sooner than this, but please allow adequate time for your payment to arrive before becoming concerned with or inquiring about the status of an electronic payment. We usually have no way to obtain additional information regarding an electronic payment during this time period. Payments initiated over weekends and/or holidays always take more time to arrive when compared to other months, so please anticipate that additional time will be needed when payments are processed over non-banking days.

When the “payment in progress” line appears, this indicates that we’re preparing and sending your payment to our bank. When this changes to “payment initiated” or a link to a payment receipt, this means that our bank accepted the payment and forwarded for processing. The time required for us to receive this acceptance confirmation from our bank varies by payment location, so do not be alarmed if this update takes longer to appear for your account than is reported by others on the forum. (For some locations, we receive this within hours of sending payment instructions, while other locations such as the U.K. require multiple days before we receive this response from our bank.) Allow additional days after our bank accepts the payment for it to traverse individual country clearing systems and arrives in your bank account.

Western Union payment instructions will be sent to Western Union’s offices on Monday afternoon (GMT), the same time we send the EFT and wire transfer payment instructions.

That is good to know that google adsense team is replying to questions about the delayed payment via adsense however I feel that such announcement should be placed not just in a google group forum but also in website as “notification” section.