Need help to get at least 1k view on this video to get manual youtube review

Help! Need 1k views to get manual review on this video!

Kindly share after you view once….thank you!

Normally I won’t beg for views as I honestly think if the video is good it will be shared virally.

However, youtube recently come up with some kind of machine learning algorithm to flag videos that are “not advertiser friendly” and many innocent videos are flagged just like mine.

My above video doesn’t have violence, hate, or anything that will violate the rules of Youtube…for advertising.

What I hope youtube can improve on is the transparency of what had been flagged so we can avoid being flag the next time by improving the video.

The problem with the minimum 1k views before manual review shows how limited youtube have the capacity to help small youtube channels such as my 2nd channel at

Kindly share after you view once! Thank you! Really appreciate it!