Today I bought an iPhone 5, 32GB White at SGD $48!

The story begins this morning, 22 September 2012, 11 am while I was lying on my bed thinking of getting the new iPhone 5 while chatting on my facebook using my black iPhone 4, 32GB.

Because of financial constrain, I decided to sell my iPhone 4, 32 GB on Facebook.

And with all the luck & friendship, the sale went quick & fast selling my iPhone 4, 32GB black at SGD $300!!
(Note M1 trade in price was then $300, Singtel trade in price was then $250 while ebay & online was much higher)

The money was transferred to me to my POSB and I was out of the house faster than you can say boo!

My 2 year contract with Singtel was long expired and it’s prime time for me to upgrade anyway.

At first, armed with the newly acquired $300 and some of my own money I decided on the iFlexi Value at $59.90 per month and get the 32GB iPhone 5 at $308.

However, I ran to West Mall shopping centre unfortunately they only left with 16GB iPhone 5 sets

I took the MRT to Clementi Mall and the Singtel guy shrug his shoulder and indicate they had ran out of stock totally and finally ended up in Jurong East JCube shopping centre and they had left only limited 16GB iPhone 5 as well.

So while I’m queueing up for the $198 16 GB iPhone 5, I went online and searched on local tech forums like hardwarezone market place on my “The New iPad” and find out if there’s a deal.

Sure enough, I found several phone shops in Singapore posted ads to buy New iPhone 16 GB at $1150 to $1170 and there are many selling iPhone 5, 32GB at SGD$1300!

So with that knowledge, I sms-ed using my iPhone 4 (sold but not yet delivered) to these buyers.

While Singtel customer services officer handled my iPhone 5 and excitedly I signed almost without hesitation (and blindly too)

Then with the black iPhone 5, 16 GB…Singtel OPENED the package and PUT IN THE NANO sim card.

then the problems starts from there…my iPhone 4 lost connection to Singtel like within the hour.

While I had to use my brand new iPhone 5, 16GB to resume my communication with the online dealers.

After I reached Toa Payoh block 184, I sold my iPhone 5, 16 GB black at $1170 to the friendly mobile phone shop…and with shaking hands I walk away with the money!

Then realised a problem…my iPhone 5 nano sim card need an adapter to fit into my old iPhone 4!! So went back to that guy and bought a $10 nano to micro sim card adapter :D

Then I realised I need the contact numbers of the dealers (SMS) that confirmed deals on my iPhone 5, 16 GB!! ARGHH

I ran back to the shop again and sadly he said he had already wiped the iPhone 5, 16GB black clean….ready to be sold at higher price.

Haiz, so I had to find a new seller of the iPhone 5, 32GB regardless of colour!

Back to hardwarezone marketplace forum and I found another 2 seller selling at $1300 for the 32GB iPhone 5!!

Quickly I use the adapter on my nano sim card on my iPhone 4 and juggle with my “The New iPad” to safari search google map to find the next location! (Yes, it’s a pain in my xxx to use Apple’s new map lol for now)

The next location of 2 dealers are Yio Chu Kang & Jurong Point Boonlay….so I’m at Toa Payoh …so I chose Yio Chu Kang!! and I went via MRT!! Weeee!

After reaching, the friendly guy & his female companion showed me this 32GB iPhone 5, White and I gingerly paid $1300 in $50 notes! :D

His set was delivered from Apple store online and I didn’t ask why he want to sell but I see…it’s unwrapped so it’s great!! No need to even check for scratches or size of the iPhone 5! :D

Let’s check back the kaching $$$

iPhone 4, 32GB – Sold at $300
Bought iPhone 5, 16GB (Black) with 2 year contract at $198 ($35 to change to nano sim card to be billed later)
Sold iPhone 5, 16GB (Black) at $1170 to a mobile shop
Bought nano sim to micro sim adapter at $10
Bought iPhone 5, 32GB (white) at $1300 with an individual! :D

So in total

+ 300 – 198 + 1170 -10 – 1300 = -$38!!!

Then later I went to buy an $10 glossy screen protector so total damage is SGD$48!!! :D

Then the horror begins…

I forgotten to tell the Singtel customer guy that my previously cancelled caller ID to re-activate the caller ID, and the contract shows that I signed a iPhone 4S, 16GB instead.

Then I realise the iPhone 5 doesn’t have 4G LTE connection while testing after my happy dinner.

I thought I’m at a location that’s not covered by 4G LTE…but I’m wrong.

I called up Singtel hotline 1688 and tried to find out more about the situation.

The guy is technical so he ask another customer service person to call me and told me the following.

  1. You have to call in to activate 4G LTE and you have to agree to pay additional SGD$10 per month (exclude gst)
  2. Sorry your new re-contract plan when you sign doesn’t have caller ID, you should had informed the customer service to re-instate the caller ID so that you can enjoy the free caller-ID that’s within the plan.
  3. The mobile contract that state that I have an iPhone 4S, 16GB is because of system constrain or something so cannot print out iPhone 5 in the contract…

I’m so angry I want to grab my iPhone 5 and throw it off the roof…ok ok I’m kidding.

So I double check with some people online to see if they are saying the truth…and sure enough 4G plans are $10 more than current 3G plans…but I think the caller ID part is just pure silly. (Update: I found out it’s not true! The 4G plan is the SAME PRICE when recontract and get 4G without topping up any money)

The reason why I cancelled caller ID because when my previous contract was over, caller ID was no longer free and need to pay additional money monthly for the service…while I waited for iPhone 5 to come.

NOW…if I want my “Free” caller ID service I had to pay extra every month to have it!! >_< So I opted no...I don't care if anyone call me and I won't be able to know who they are. So be it. Here's the end of the story, I won't be activating the 4G service until I feel the need arise and have additional spare cash to pay that additional I already paying extra $10 for the 3G multi-sim card for my "The New iPad" that uses my mobile data plan. Total monthly cost = $59.90 + $10 = $69.90 (exclude gst) (slightly higher than my current mobile bill sadly)

The upside is I gotten an amazing deal upgrading my iPhone 4 32GB to iPhone 5 32GB at just SGD$48! :D

UPDATE: My tenant went to buy the iPhone 5 too and told me up front that they get 4G LTE at the same price plan that I signed up for and I am a fool to believe the guy who called me.

I proceed to call back to 1688 and verified that I can bring the contract to JCUBE Hello! shop to clarify the matter instead of asking me to pay additional $ per month to activate the 4G LTE…this is like RIDICULOUS! How can two person of the same company have different explanation!?

I suspect the first guy trying to cover up the mistakes of this particular employee at hello! singtel shop at jCube hence use a “additional fee” to scare me off, but this is totally stupid to think I’m not well connected with others who bought iPhone 5 as well!

Time to complain, if I can’t get my LTE connection with the same price paid by thousands & millions of Singtel customers…I will go to CASE to sue Singtel.