It’s time to think of new ways to earn money by video online.

Youtube is slowly killing itself by limiting small content creators from earning their money by putting yellow $ icon on ALL new videos based on faulty algorithm without telling the content creators WHAT exactly is the problem with the algorithm…that flagged the video in the first place.

The guide by youtube is a bunch of vague words that DOESN’T really mean anything specific to individual videos that was flagged.

The algorithm is basically looking for keywords in the title, descriptions & meta to determine if it violate any of the guidelines…but most of the time the algorithm get triggered by innocent words that have multiple meanings.

We the content creator cannot use lot’s of words that deemed vulgar, violent or sexual in nature…but what is entertaining on major television networks nowadays?

Yes, walking dead have extreme violence…Game of Thrones have nudity, incest, violence and more…many new television shows have sexual contents that are deemed NOT suitable for advertising.

What about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon? Why youtube cannot SIMPLY just limit the AGE of viewers and call it a day?

Yes, terrorism and fake news videos…why limit advertising on them? All you need is to LABEL them based on votes by viewers that if it’s a hoax or misleading or fake that allow them to put relevant news URL or fact checking website link as sources.

Obviously Youtube have to approve the link before appearing beside the video as proof of fake news to ensure it’s not some blogs or small websites created by trolls.

That way, advertisers can choose what videos that have “x” numbers of ratings & choose if they want to to advertise on that.

The responsibility will end up at the adwords settings for advertisers to choose to put their ads at the right place.

What youtube is doing now is to limit money earning ability by small content creators is like trying to region lock DVD/BlueRay disc, people who bought the disc legally but from the wrong region are punished while pirates continue to rip the videos out and share online…that contributed to the downfall of DVD/Blueray and move towards a global streaming platform.

In the near future where all online data & websites are Peer to peer…and no longer hosted in individual server…data like videos & informations will flow freely without any oversight or censorship, that will eventually bring down youtube or google as information list as ANYONE can be google or youtube without huge investments.

As long as you host the P2p seeds & data, you can potentially be limitless in sharing data globally without huge server farms, all advertisers need by then is a online ad company to embed their advertising to allow content creators to embed advertising codes.

Adsense may end up be just one of many such companies…that the advertisers can invest their money to.

obviously that’s in the future…when google realise retaining content creator’s trust & loyalty now is the most important and setting up the algorithm to punish small content creators are setting up for failure.

Loyalty can switch instantly once there are a better video host that P2P stream their videos and get advertising at the same time without youtube…once that future p2p platform gain momentum…youtube will be going the same path as AOL or Yahoo or Friendster…and become obsolete with OLD content and less new videos.

For now, there are limited number of video hosting companies that have the same capability as youtube that can upload huge amount of videos.

Vimeo, (closed), twitch and many more…are not as flexible on uploading any kind of videos.

ALL the world need now is embeddable codes to stream p2p torrents in their own websites that uses viewer’s internet browser cache to p2p share the same video to others when the page is open.

The more people open that page, the faster it will be…and obviously the owner of the video must host a copy or seed of it’s own video to share on one server or computer and as long as someone open that page or set to share that seed of video permanently probably with incentives like ad revenue sharing a few percent…the video will forever live online without a large server farm.

Obviously advertisers will have to select which participating websites to put their advertising and a advertising company can spring up ANY DAY NOW to capitalise the future of peronal p2p videos websites.

What P2p videos now need also is the ability to be social without a single major social network, that means anyone can create a ever updating list of similar topic videos to form their very now channel similar to HBO, CBS, HULU or Netflix.

Next is P2p Chat, P2P messages, P2P internet that break free from telco companies.

Soon everyone will be WIFI router for everyone using their ever powerful tablets, smartphone and more…without needing the use of 3G/4G LTE/ 5G or future networks.

The first company to come up with such devices with long battery life will be the most profitable company in the world.

My Dumpster Diving Vlog 1

The Chinese idioms says “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” or “你的垃圾,或许是另一个人的宝藏” became true recently for me.

Life had been hard recently when youtube decided to punish small youtube creators like me making it harder for videos to be visible or suddenly flag your videos for “not suitable for monetisation”.

So I had to think of other ways to spend my time making more money, yes I can do UberEats or some other options but I need some freedom & excitements and have the ability to give to others when I can.

I happen to come across a Facebook group call “Freegan in Singapore” that promotes dumpster diving to find food that supermarkets threw away to eat.

The news picked up the story and ran with it.

So on 1st December 2017, I went downstairs to search for “treasure” that other people threw away.

At first I am very disappointed to find nothing interesting but eventually I got surprised at the number of furnitures, old television sets, toys, stationary and other stuffs that’s useful being thrown away.

The secret is timing, not many people are cleaning their homes during the day time in weekdays but holidays & weekend are the best time to go hunting for objects below HDB flats.

Unfortunately, not many people sort out the useful & extremely awful stuff for dumpster divers hence I usually prepared a work glove to handle the messy stuff.

My usual dumpster diving carry bag contains the following

  • Small torch light that uses rechargeable 18650 batteries to shine into dumpsters
  • Recycle reusable bag
  • Small portable fan that uses 18650 battery to cool down when weather is hot
  • One or two work gloves for cleanliness
  • My usual sling bag for other stuff like wallet, extra 18650 batteries, keys, coins, smartphone
  • Electric Unicycle for fast & efficient patrols

Knowing my own limitations to carry heavy stuff, I won’t grab large furnitures but small ones like broken chairs or mini-tables are treasure to me.

Then come the treasure of “just expired” food thrown away by people, it’s like water found in the desert and such trash are usually gone VERY QUICKLY.

Warnings thou, some expired food are not friendly to your health… The key is to identify the type of expiry date written there.

Best by date means best tasting date, after that the taste may be weird but it won’t kill you.
Use by date is similar to best by date but do check for foul smell & taste
Expiry date is normal date that it will be spoiled but some dry food doesn’t go bad that easily.
Manufactured date is NOT expiry date so double check for used by or expiry date.

Do taste but not swallow to find out if the food is NASTY sour, visually inspect if it’s mouldy, bite and see if it’s rock hard, smell if it smells sourish, and if it’s any of the above…spit it out and wash your mouth…and throw away that food.

For certain stuff that I find is not useful for me or my family, I will either give it away if it’s cheap or put on Carousell and sell it cheaply.

I found the act of going out to find “treasures” can be tiring but rewarding for certain nights either by finding the right loot or have a great exercise even with electric unicycle.

Rules that I have for myself are the following

  1. Only take stuff near a rubbish bins or in a pile of rubbish or in a rubbish bin/recycle bin
  2. Never take stuff near homes as sometimes they just put out in public for their own use
  3. Always give away cheap but useful stuff that I don’t need or cannot consume fast enough
  4. Never take stuff that old folks are taking like cardboards
  5. Have fun

I’m still relatively new at this dumpster diving but I feel it’s the freedom & excitement of finding loot that’s useful or valuable make me keep coming back for more…if you don’t mind the smell & getting a bit dirty.

This hobby is not for everyone especially those who work daily may be too tired to do this hobby but I feel great when giving away stuff that others may need and finding something useful to enrich my family & my life.

After this blog post, it’s time to go downstairs just like those RPG games to find loot boxes & open them to find treasures that other people left behind.

You won’t believe what I found in my 2nd Dumpster Dive!

The housing estate near me is like the gold mine of dumpster divers! I found a few items that cost a lot being thrown away…with minimal damage!

Just discovered Facebook Jail.

I had just discovered the possible reasons for being restricted from posting to groups or join any groups even if the group is created by you.

Facebook Jail.

Not technically a real jail but something equivalent for Facebook as a way to restrict your ability to post things.

How? It seemed that anyone can report YOUR post(s) to send you into Facebook jail without human oversight…it can be anyone like your friends trying to troll you, your mortal enemy, your colleagues, fellow Facebook group member(s) or someone just don’t like you.

It’s similar to the phenomenal of Swatting where members of the public can hoax report a crime and request the swat team assistance to break into the house of live streamers who have revealed their home address to public…and viewers can see live the whole event taking place…as swat team cuff the live streamer.

The question now is, does trolls falsely reporting you to Facebook for spam or other violation to throw you into “Facebook jail”, a violation by itself?

Does Facebook PUNISH anyone who falsely report people for violation?

Is there any human oversight for flagged posts to see if it’s indeed a violation before implementing the punishment?

IF there are ZERO human oversight to verify if the flag post is a violation, does it mean ANYONE can bully their enemy or bully victim(s) RANDOMLY just because they can?

However, all these are still considered as speculation as seeing how secretive Facebook is when punishing their users…with ZERO REASONS GIVEN.

Hell, I can claim any conspiracy theories out there from illuminati, New World Order, Alien invasion, Alt-Right Nazi, or Artificial Intelligence had finally taken over Facebook and used it as they wish…to punish people randomly…and throw them into Facebook Jail.

The truth is out there…until Facebook can clarify their reasons for the ban.

When social networks or giant online website goes against you…

Have you try contacting major internet websites like youtube, Facebook, google+, twitter for whatever reasons?

Did any human try to contact you and resolve the issue in a satisfying way?

99.9% I feel is nope, but I may be wrong.

Facebook currently punishes content posters or online sales people trying to make a living posting in Facebook groups they created themselves…by banning them from joining or posting in ANY GROUPS including those they made themselves.

That above is my assumption or maybe it’s because someone reported your posts in their groups…I simply do not know exactly how Facebook consider as violation of their rules or policies.

I checked my activity log just before I got the notice of restriction for posting or joining groups for 7 days.

From what I see…I had shared 3 postings. One to my secret group, one to a relevant group, another to my timeline.

THAT IS ALL I share the same link 3 times, is that the maximum someone can share the same link in a MAJOR social network like Facebook?

Does it mean in order to SHARE more…I have pay Facebook for “boosting” that link like those freemium games on mobile phones?

I feel someone in Facebook need to resolve this issue ASAP else Facebook will be losing my content over time…and more people who are influencers will leave if many of them face similar problems.

Solutions Facebook can implement.

1. Transparency – at least tell me what had been flagged as the problem so I can prevent it from happening…now I can only speculate it’s the 3 posts…which is not a lot.

2. Is it a mistake by Facebook? Check the appeals by HUMAN employees and remove the restrictions with apology for the machine learning mistake. Apology should have some kind of weight like few dollars worth of boosting advertising off….for the next boost.

3. Before implementing a punishment like ban….get a human to verify the flag before implementing the ban.

4. First ban should not be a week, it should be one day and slowly increase…for repeated offences. The problem is there are ZERO reasons given for the ban…that makes it more likely to repeat the mistake.

5. Is it a virus, before the ban…I got an message from a friend claiming the link to be a virus…which I had clicked…but so far nothing had been sent by me in Facebook messenger…so I am not sure if it’s the cause. Facebook should disable any link that’s reported to be virus…to be able to send via Facebook messenger.

6. Human Facebook employee to reply to help group common questions, someone empowered to resolve the problem must reply to common questions so that the problem doesn’t repeat.