COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 23 – First 2 deaths in SG

21 March 2020 Noon

As of 21 March 2020, Singapore have 385 infected with COVID-19 and 2 deaths & 131 had recovered and the numbers will probably changed by the time you are reading this.

Firstly, I like to express my deepest condolences to the family & friends of the two deceased.

May they get eternal peace in heaven.

These deaths are not going the the only ones as you know other countries are facing mass death by the minutes.

As of 21 March 2020, Global infection is 279552 & 11431 deaths (Changed)

It’s about time we talk about treasuring your love ones when they are alive but doing it a safe distance as many younger infected people have only mild symptoms like itchy throat & headaches.

Food deliveries will be your life lines, cleaning your home is priority now to make your home the safe zones.

Personal protective equipments are paramount when you are with any vulnerable people, most do not care about wearing one but having one on now is better than none.

Avoid going out unnecessary unless it’s for food & necessity like medications. Seek alternatives for food & groceries like online deliveries.

Always maintain a safe distance (about 1 meter) from the person in front of you & behind you when you are queuing for anything.

Wash your hands if you get into contact with any public surfaces & if you can’t wash your hands, imagine your hands are full of shit.

Use contactless payment whenever possible, cash are rumoured to harbour the virus for a certain amount of time and wash your hands after touching any cash.

Work from home via internet may be the best options for all but understand it may not be possible for all industries as many need to be physically present, maybe it’s time to stagger the working hours so that there are no peak hours for transportations & isolate people as much as possible.

There are many innovative ways to continue to have a safe distance yet able to continue to have retail opened like those in China.

I also wish there is a way to make any virus visible to the human naked eyes, maybe a type of spray that can make the virus glow brightly when UV light is used.

For now, we can only assume every surfaces are infectious & only wash our own hands.

As the death rates increases, there will be more & more depressed people around so please avoid walking under high rise buildings as the chance of people jumping may be high especially the global investment markets are tanking in the bear market.

As many contrarian says, with every downturns there will always be an upturn but beware of false hopes.

The key to buying investments during a bear market is to identify what caused the market to collapse, and only invest once that “thing or event or person” is not in effect.

We must maintain certain amount of hope left for humanity, starts preparing for alternative sources of food & services.

We may even have to start planting potatoes randomly so that people can find them & eat when they are hungry in the near future.

Let’s stay positive, be prepared, be healthy & good luck!

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 22 – Tapao to eat

21st March 2020 2.58 AM

Singapore on Friday (Mar 20) confirmed 40 new COVID-19 cases, of which 30 are imported infections. This increase takes the national total to 385 cases.

What I looked at the news about the infections in Singapore are not the imported or known linked cases but the unlinked ones, the unlinked ones means unknown clusters are spreading the virus to many people including their family, friends, co-workers & strangers living nearby.

Who infected the unlinked cases? That’s the mystery that the authorities need to find out quick.

The good news is that Singapore had developed a new iOS & Android mobile app called Trace Together that uses bluetooth to collect information if someone are also using the same app at the same time can log down the information into your smart phone privately.

Visit to get the iOS or Android app NOW!

Once someone who are confirmed tested by MOH to be infected with COVID-19, they can upload their information to MOH within the app & the app can notify all who get within close distance with the infected.

All these informations are not using geolocation data & only anonymous bluetooth information hence no data are sent to anyone until the user upload to MOH upon knowing they are infected and sent a CODE to upload data.

The only downside are the application cannot run at the background when you are using other applications which kind of defeat the purpose, you need to open the app & let it run in “battery saving mode” by screen facing downwards (Like on the table) or put the phone upside down (like in the pocket) to dim the screen hence using less battery.

The problem is the only time I won’t use my phone for games, news or other apps is when I sleep, some games may be running in auto mode even sometimes when I sleep…haha.

The idea is for everyone make sure to remember to open the app TraceTogether when they are in the meetings, public spaces and public transport for it to work perfectly.

More improvements need to be done to make the app run at the background of other applications, hopefully soon & maybe a tracker smart watch or something similar…heh.

For now, I will probably use a secondary phone or tablet for this app (NO NEED SIM CARD JUST USE WIFI) & the main phone for other applications when I move around.

Next is the announcement of more social distancing measures & advisories for eating out by sitting with proper space between each other and/or tabao (packet) take away back home when the location is full.

If the place is full…. tapao back home or office to eat.

I like to add my own pro-tip by brining your own re-usable lunch box to save the environment for packing take aways.

I will try to pay the hawker with POSB PayNow via mobile number tomorrow & see if it’s possible to reduce contact with cash as there are rumours that cash may be spreading the virus as well. Will update you guys if it’s possible! :D

What is unknown is how will the authorities enforce this social distancing measures & will there be an penalty for people who simply refuse to obey this “advisory” similar to what some countries are doing, since we are not as strict as China in enforcement…..YET.

I guess, eventually public shaming will be the usual way forward which is pretty bad considering the repercussion for the jobs of the “person who refuse to obey social distancing measures”.

Hopefully, more empathy & compassion will be given to those who do not understand or haven’t been updated to this social distancing measures. Hopefully more hawkers put more stickers or banners or other ways to inform the public about this social distancing measures.

COVID-19: How will Singapore’s cap on crowd size impact weddings and religious gatherings?

For crowd size that’s limited to 250 people or less for social gatherings that’s also comes with the conditions of spacing the people out with at least 1 meters apart, personally I think this is a pretty terrible idea.

250 people gathering in a location like a meeting room, wedding dinner, company gathering, seminar room, entertainment KTV or any enclosed spaces will bound to have some chaotic movement of people.

Knowing if any infected person that presents mild symptoms like a bit of sore throat & headaches can easily mingle with the crowd of 250 or less crowd can potentially infect a much larger group of people compared to a home setting.

The probability of many people using the same object(s) will be much higher like door handles, microphones, pens to sign in and etc will also create some indirect infections.

Some studies also include how long the COVID-19 will remain in the air for how long depending on the temperature & humidity, the lower the temperature like air conditioned environment & higher humidity may cause the virus to linger longer in the air hence having 250 or less people gathering in one location for a long period of time more like above 30 minutes probably have higher chances of breathing in the virus droplets when someone coughs or sneezes.

In my own personal opinion, in order to really reduce the chance of infection the organisers may have to place their seats at least 1 meter or more apart, have hand sanitisers ready at multiple points, ask to wear masks during the event for every attendees, & make everyone to use their smart phone to send their contact to the organisers in any event of someone being infected can be contact traced by MOH.

Now, maybe everyone probably may have to turn on the “Trace Together” app during the event. :D

I feel more can be done at this point of time to increase social distancing without further disrupting our life similar to what China had done with more informations like information banners, stickers, labels & allow innovative ideas to be utilised to increase the awareness of social distancing & reduce infections.

Question now is do we have to wait until the infections starts to explode to start increasing more social distancing measures like a shut down of the movement of everyone & stay at home like Italy, Malaysia and other countries?

Stay safe, stay healthy, be prepared & good luck!

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 21 – Elderly

Just had a good talk with dad about COVID19, told him off not to gather in coffee shops with lots of people. I agree to let him packet food home to eat alone or to somewhere where it’s not crowded.

Crowded as usual on 18 March 2020 in Singapore

Maybe somewhere like void deck or under the shelter, that way can maintain proper social distance with other people.

He seemed to think Singapore won’t be like Italy or UK or Spain.
That’s what people in Italy thought 1 week ago and nobody then wore any surgical masks & continued to go out as per normal, same as UK, Spain & now USA.

Singapore have certain temperature that the virus may NOT be easy to spread in public under the hot sun but many continue to use air-conditioner in their office, public transport, home to enjoy their life when the heat get too unbearable. (Pro tip: Use fans)

Unfortunately, the idea of not wearing a mask if you are healthy is deep rooted now and some will even laugh at people who wear a mask. Many carriers of the COVID-19 are not symptomatic healthy individuals that do not have any fever or cough, they can spread to anyone they talk to or stay close enough for an extended period of time.

Some says they are very healthy, can fight off “the flu”… but this is NOT THE FLU. Many young & healthy infected patients can stay in hospital for 20 to 30 days incubated if serious & even after they recover may only have 20% to 50% of lung capacity left and may take YEARS to fully recover not to mention expensive recurring medications.

Being asthmatic in the past, it took me 20 years to recover & become less of an issue & only recur when I’m really sick or during the annual haze seasons in Singapore and only now I do not need an inhaler around in emergencies.

If people know me back when I’m in school & army, they may not know why I cannot play sports that need good stamina …. many even laugh why I am unable to slim down.

They do NOT know how hard is it so breath with asthma, the wheezing at night that wakes me up to cough out phlegms, the problems that ordinary people do not understand until it’s too late.

The problem is many elderly simply do not care about a simple “FLU” with 1 -2% death rates in some countries & don’t care about how COVID-19 had overwhelmed the medical system in Italy, Spain and soon UK and think it won’t happen in Singapore.

That’s the reasons many still continue go to coffeeshops & gather with friends instead of maintaining a safe 1-2 meters apart, that’s why they don’t wear mask when they walk around.

Please please please educate your parents about the danger they are putting themselves & the love ones around them in.

Until we get a sudden spike in cases like daily spike of 100 COVID-19 cases like in Malaysia, then the government will then will react to it & start to shut down everything to reduce mass infection and only allow people to come out for food, medical supplies or other essentials.

However that said, everyone should do their part & do not contribute to the sudden spike in cases & overwhelm our health system.

So please educate your parents, grand parents the importance of social distancing & advice to them what to do during this Pandemic.

Stay safe, be prepared, be positive, & good luck!

Update: COVID-19: S’pore confirms new single-day high of 47 cases including 33 imported, total 313

Social Distancing ideas from China & other places

I will be constantly posts updates to this post as I find more photos & videos.

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 20 – The beginning

17 March 2020, Tuesday

Yesterday mark one of the key moment in history that many Malaysians & Singaporeans will remember for the rest of our lives.

Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced on Monday night (March 16) measures to restrict movement nationwide, starting from March 18 until 31, in a bid to stem the rising number of coronavirus cases.

The ripple effects cause a few natural reactions to everyone staying in Malaysia & Singapore.

Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing outlined some contingency measures Singapore will implement as Malaysia enacts tighter travel restrictions.

According to Chan, there are enough stock and Singapore faces no immediate risks of running out of food.

Yesterday 1.24 am, I was drawn into going down local 24 hours giant supermarket for some biscuits & can food for the next few days but to my horror there was a long queue of shopper with only ONE cashier.

To make the matter worst, one of the uncle behind me was coughing without covering his mouth multiple times and majority of the people there didn’t wear any masks at all even those who are coughing.

Even with my dust mask & goggle on, I’m genuinely scared. I gave up after about 30 minutes of queuing and went to the nearby Prime Supermarket & find the queue is less there and got home about 2+am!

To be honest, thinking back…maybe people cough around me when I’m wearing the mask & goggles just to tease me but who knows?

I remembered yesterday dinner near prime supermarket, there were some uncles drinking beer there say out loud “Pig!” in Chinese as they saw me wearing a special dust mask…I ignored them and go on searching for a table to sit.

As my my brother & me consume the delicious meal of fish ball noodles, one of the uncle seemed to be coughing among the other elderly in their table near us.

Before we finish our meals & conversations, those uncles seemed to move off hurriedly and telling the drink stall seller that the rest of their beers “不要了“ meaning that they don’t want what’s left on the table. Mind you, there are several bottles of beer still unfinished remaining.

The coffee shops seemed to be as crowded as usual and only a handful of people wear surgical mask to protect themselves, 100% of those eating are not wearing mask of course…including myself.

From now on, I will go with strict buy back home “打包” regime to eat meaning packing back home the food instead of eating at the coffeeshop.

Yes, many people may see this preemptive social distancing measures as “over blown” & think it’s ok…only 1-2% death rates…or it’s just the flu and they are healthy….shouldn’t be that bad.

But knowing the statistic from multiple sources online, it’s very very infectious & the death rates vary from country to country.

If you live in a country like Italy (Or UK/Spain/Germany soon) where the people do not restrict their movement even after the spike in cases suddenly discovered that their health system collapsed spectacularly with people in their 20s to 80s with severe pneumonia and the hospitals do not have the capacity to ward all of them in ICU with ventilators causing the nurses or doctors to decide who to rescue or who to left to die.

Guess what, they choose to rescue the younger people with less underlying illnesses because they know if they take in the elderly or people with critical underlying illnesses they will be fighting a losing battle while abandoning the younger less severe cases which can still be rescued with a chance of living a reasonable life with 20-30% lung capacity for the most severe cases.

It’s still unknown even if you survive the worst of the illnesses, will there be after effects of COVID-19 like permanent health problems by the survivors similar to many Asthma patients who have recurring asthma attacks at certain situations & probably will take a long time to fully recover from such conditions…which may need life time of expensive medications like inhalers.

Many people especially in the USA doesn’t know how expensive their healthcare & medications are until they are met with a serious sickness and still continue to go on party & mass gatherings.

Let’s talk about religions, It’s a taboo in Singapore to criticise any religions because of the sedition act.

That said, let’s strip away the “religion” aspect of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic situations in the world.

Do you as a normal human being want to go to a mass gathering of people inside a room, church, mosque or building with fifty to hundreds of people singing & praying with the knowledge that there maybe a 50% chance one of them are severely sick and want to pray for “miracles” to eliminate the sickness.

Already in South Korea there is one known super cluster of infection because of such mass gathering of people, and recently Malaysia also encountered have such problem.

Singapore as well with two clusters in local churches and many of the followers are elderly as well.

Many of the COVID-19 infected patients DO NOT HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS and feel totally fine with just minor chills & feeling tired, many younger infected patients like kids still can enjoy their playgrounds without a care in the world only to return to their grand parents & infect them.

SERIOUSLY, do the social distancing RIGHT NOW and avoid going to crowded spaces & stay home whenever possible.

IF you really need to go out, only do it with extreme caution & wear a mask & glasses if you go onto crowded public transport. Try not to touch your eyes, nose & mouth like your hands are full of shit.

There are discussion about the COVID-19 virus are able to hang in the air for a while in certain weather conditions like cold temperature environment and different humidity and but there are many things that we do not know about this virus.

Singapore luckily have pretty warm weather & I believe the sun kills the virus in public areas rather quickly but indoors & most air conditioned public transport is a different situations.

Unfortunately, Singapore authorities had banned most electric powered personal mobility devices (PMD) from the pavement & the road right now with fines & confiscation of devices that violate the previous guidelines. This means food deliveries will have to depends on motorcycles, cars & vans instead, rising the cost of these delivery workers & increasing wait times for all people stuck under the Stay-Home quarantine.

Let’s talk about the possibility of election in Singapore, personally I feel it is going to be a real crisis if there is an election DURING this pandemic.

  • Any opposition parties will take serious risk going around & meeting up with the people in various constituencies probably causing large gatherings of people. This may cause some potential infection to the opposition parties as they move around & become a super spreader.
  • Rallies now even within the current 250 people or more limit at each venue will also be pointless & potentially another infection cluster(s) of COVID-19.
  • Many oppositions also find it hard to penetrate online via social media as the current PAP will have a permanent record of any wrongful accusations the government & can sue them for defamation or sedition.
  • I believe even under strict guidelines proposed by the local health task force & election committees, it’s hard to control the spread of COVID-19 infection when large crowds of people gather to queue during the election polling. Knowing not many people in Singapore wear masks because of the shortages of surgical mask & the strong believe if they are healthy, they should not wear a mask.

Many countries have already postponed their election to further date during this crisis and probably to their advantage.

I don’t see any advantage for a newly elected government can further improve the situation compared to the current party to manage this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Perhaps the reasons why Malaysia have such political turmoil because many MPs including the Prime Minister Mahathir (94 years old) are in the age most vulnerable to the COVID-19 Coronavirus virus and if any members of the government goes down because of the virus, it will cause a catastrophic ripple effects in the economy & cause unnecessary panic.

That’s why many Presidents & Prime Minister of the governments in some other countries often refuse to disclose if they get tested for COVID-19 like *cough* Trump *Cough*.

UPDATE: It’s reported that Trump tested negative for COVID-19 even after he came into contact with two individuals later confirmed to have COVID-19.

But knowing Trump, he won’t quit his presidency that easily….

So for local Singapore to have an election maybe a strategic move by local political party to push opposition party to make mistakes by doing dangerous rally during this COVID-19 Pandemic while saving the day by simply shutting down the possibility of an early election until the pandemic is at the downward trend or when the vaccine is available.

This however present some risks of the possibility that if any of our MPs start catching the virus & spreading within the whole members of parliaments hence shutting down the government just because many of the MPs are at the vulnerable age that may suffer more than younger MPs.

If this COVID-19 persist, I do wish our MPs get extra protections like working from home & conduct meetings or Parliament online via internet webcam & wear masks when they go about their businesses as I do not wish closure of our government during this crisis.

Perhaps they can appoint some potential younger generations more responsibilities during this period & can handle more in event of a shut down of government.

Similar to what America have when an attack claimed the lives of the president and most of the Cabinet in the television show “Designated Survivor“.

Whatever the result of this Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic will be, I really pray for the best outcomes from various lock down/ quarantine procedures by all the leaders of all countries & hopefully things will get better.

Lives will be different from now on, please have a mental preparation for changes in our behaviours & take this pandemic seriously so we all can survive in the end.

Stay positive, be prepared & survive!