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Apple please add a feature to temporary turn off notifications from all apps

I believe I am not alone in this quest to have a simple short cut in the control center to turn off all notifications from appearing at least temporarily for a specific time or until I manually turn it back on. As a youtuber trying to record the screen of the iPhone is troublesome as […]

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Disappointment of lack of stocks of iPhone 6/6 Plus (Epicentre Jem)

Let’s start from the beginning, my telco “Singtel” pre-orders for iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus ran out within 5 minutes from the 3PM launch which I missed due to reading the 3 mobile size pages “terms” probably due to overwhelming demand. Then, on the 17th September 2014 I received an curious email from epicentre the […]

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iPhone 5 lightning cable problem

28 September 2012, 12.28pm I realized my iPhone 5 was not charging while connected to my Mac mini 2009. I tried plugging the lightning cable directly to the wall plug but no luck In a panic mode, I called apple support for Singapore 8001861087 Battery life 48% After pressing 1 for English, 2 for iPhone […]

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Today I bought an iPhone 5, 32GB White at SGD $48!

The story begins this morning, 22 September 2012, 11 am while I was lying on my bed thinking of getting the new iPhone 5 while chatting on my facebook using my black iPhone 4, 32GB. Because of financial constrain, I decided to sell my iPhone 4, 32 GB on Facebook. And with all the luck […]

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What I wish for iPhone 2012.

Understanding iOS 6 had already given plenty of information about the operating system features the rest of the hardware is just playing catch up with other manufacturers, however Apple have always have their way of refining the hardware to be more compelling then the competitors. I just wish iPhone 2012 to be more durable but […]

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