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COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 23 – First 2 deaths in SG

21 March 2020 Noon As of 21 March 2020, Singapore have 385 infected with COVID-19 and 2 deaths & 131 had recovered and the numbers will probably changed by the time you are reading this. Firstly, I like to express my deepest condolences to the family & friends of the two deceased. May they get […]

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 22 – Tapao to eat

21st March 2020 2.58 AM Singapore on Friday (Mar 20) confirmed 40 new COVID-19 cases, of which 30 are imported infections. This increase takes the national total to 385 cases. What I looked at the news about the infections in Singapore are not the imported or known linked cases but the unlinked ones, the unlinked […]

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 20 – The beginning

17 March 2020, Tuesday Yesterday mark one of the key moment in history that many Malaysians & Singaporeans will remember for the rest of our lives. Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced on Monday night (March 16) measures to restrict movement nationwide, starting from March 18 until 31, in a bid to stem the rising number of […]

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 12 – Social Distancing Now!

15 March 2020, Sunday I’m not here to spread fear or panic, my objective of this blog is to spread awareness so that you can make necessary preparation for the worst case scenario. Panic will cause more problems like unnecessary chaos & crazy situations that a calm population will never encounter. That said however, a […]

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 11 – Common Sense Decisions

12 March 2020, Thursday As of today, COVID-19 had spread globally to most countries at an alarming rate. As of today 12 March 2020, there are 127,820 infections globally & 4,717 deaths. Singapore had done a pretty good job containing the COVID-19 Coronavirus as WHO declared it a Pandemic because of global spreading of the […]