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Scary UFO video

My twitter friends (@wondergirl_says @kens_thought) sent the video to me and suddenly I realized that aliens are already among us. Regardless of what we do or say, it’s almost inevitable that aliens are already working with us but probably NOT for us. The disclosure may do either extreme good to human race or extreme worst […]

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Jerusalem Temple Mount 28 Jan 2011 UFO video 1,2,4 Analysis

The whole event took place supposedly on the 28th January 2011 early in the morning 0:100AM who happened to be at the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout over Mount Zion and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. 1st video uploaded by eligael [youtube][/youtube] This morning around 01:00 AM at the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm, […]

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3 Very Large Objects Heading to Earth by 2012? I think not!

News agencies are quick to report controversial news especially those tabloids that did not really check their facts enough to scare the world with the following news by on December 8th, 2010 SETI Astrophysicist Craig Kasnov ( not to be confused with Craig Kasnoff ) has announced the approach to the Earth of 3 […]

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Recently Released NZ UFO Files

Thousands of secret files on New Zealand’s UFO reports are set to be made public, nearly 32 years to the day after our most famous sighting. The files include every witness account of unidentified flying objects reported to authorities since the early 1950s, including the 1978 Kaikoura mystery. They had been held by Archives New […]

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UFO Sighting in Jinhua Zhejiang China September 3, 2010

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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