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DIY Home Made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic spreading globally right now, the demand for personal protective equipment are surging & it’s hard to buy off the shelf any PPE. That’s why I had started to DIY some PPE for myself, here’s some of my home made PPE What else do you think I should make for protection […]

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COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 3

20th February 2020, Thursday According to MOH press release of 19th February 2020, there are 3 more additional COVID-19 infections in Singapore. This brings the number of cases in Singapore to 84, with four in critical condition. ChannelNewsAsia have a very handy COVID-19 interactive infection clusters and the links between them As predicted, the chain infections […]

COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 2

19 February 2020, Wednesday According to the latest update of 18 Feb 2020 by MOH, five more cases of COVID-19 infection have been discharged from hospital today (Cases 5, 8, 21, 38 and 76). In all, 29 have fully recovered from the infection and have been discharged from hospital.  As of 18 February 2020, 12pm, […]

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DIY Electric unicycle parking stand version 5.0

My previous versions of DIY Electric unicycle stand all have one fundamental problem of no able have full contact of the casing hence not able to maintain full hold of the DIY stand. This curved surface of the casing posed a fundamental problem of choosing a method to stick the DIY stand onto the electric […]

My First Duct Tape Wallet!

The power of inspiration! Today is my birthday and I looked around google & youtube for “amazing wallet” and found a couple of really interesting “Duct Tape Wallet” and their instructions on how to make one!! My brother ultimately bought me a new wallet for my birthday but I am very inspired by those 14 […]

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