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DIY Electric unicycle parking stand version 5.0

My previous versions of DIY Electric unicycle stand all have one fundamental problem of no able have full contact of the casing hence not able to maintain full hold of the DIY stand. This curved surface of the casing posed a fundamental problem of choosing a method to stick the DIY stand onto the electric […]

My First Duct Tape Wallet!

The power of inspiration! Today is my birthday and I looked around google & youtube for “amazing wallet” and found a couple of really interesting “Duct Tape Wallet” and their instructions on how to make one!! My brother ultimately bought me a new wallet for my birthday but I am very inspired by those 14 […]

Saturday January 21st, 2012 in DIY, Personal Thoughts, Projects | 4 Comments »

Cheap DIY Overflow & Sump Project Completed!

Using clear plastic tubes from the fish shop & white tapes for pipes connection. This over flow is inspired by other youtube video on the overflow configuration with my little modification to better suit my shrimps :3 The DIY sump uses 3 pails with many holes at the bottom to drain water through them easily […]

Sunday July 19th, 2009 in Aquatic, How to, Personal Thoughts, Projects | No Comments »

Singapore Twitterers! Add Your Twitter Profile URL Revolution!

This morning I had thought of a way to gather all the fellow Singapore twitter users and the idea just popped out in my mind and it’s just a simple google document that anyone can edit! So I created this google document And BOY AM I Impressed by the speed and efficiency on how many […]

Wednesday June 24th, 2009 in Projects | No Comments »

Vote For Your Mr/Ms Twitter Wall!

Who is the Best Mr/Ms Twitter? This page is dedicated to those friends who always vote for people that we know and it became too troublesome to open multiple countries pages at just to vote all our known twitter friends but located in different countries. Hence I had created the following to simplify the […]

Friday June 19th, 2009 in Projects | 7 Comments »