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Day 1 – AirWheel x5

The sound of me drinking huge amount of plain water is like “gaglulululu…” yes… that’s day 1 of me trying out my new AirWheel x5 The specification of the AirWheel x5 is It’s one of the lightest of all the version of AirWheel at 9.6kg, mind you…it’s not exactly very light. I am having […]

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Missing MH370 Malaysia Airline, better tracking technology needed.

After several days of intensive search by numerous countries spending lot’s of money & using lot’s of manpower to locate the “debris” of the Malaysian Airline MH370, there seemed to have a problem here. Let me point out a few key problems. 1. Why transponder can be turned off at the cockpit by pilot(s) – […]

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Traveling to excitement!

I’m going overseas from 25th to 30th of March so I won’t be updating Facebook, forum & youtube during that period but there are WIFI everywhere at that location so I might pop-in here to look around. As for the purpose of the journey for now is a surprise, I know there will always be […]

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