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DIY Home Made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic spreading globally right now, the demand for personal protective equipment are surging & it’s hard to buy off the shelf any PPE. That’s why I had started to DIY some PPE for myself, here’s some of my home made PPE What else do you think I should make for protection […]

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It’s time to think of new ways to earn money by video online.

Youtube is slowly killing itself by limiting small content creators from earning their money by putting yellow $ icon on ALL new videos based on faulty algorithm without telling the content creators WHAT exactly is the problem with the algorithm…that flagged the video in the first place. The guide by youtube is a bunch of […]

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My Dumpster Diving Vlog 1

The Chinese idioms says “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” or “你的垃圾,或许是另一个人的宝藏” became true recently for me. Life had been hard recently when youtube decided to punish small youtube creators like me making it harder for videos to be visible or suddenly flag your videos for “not suitable for monetisation”. So I had to […]

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Youtube yellow $ icon strikes again!

Help! Youtube algorithm flag my innocent video for “not suitable for ads” yellow $….once again! Need 1k views to get manual review by youtube human employee. Please share after viewing once! Thank you! Really appreciate it!

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Need help to get at least 1k view on this video to get manual youtube review

Help! Need 1k views to get manual review on this video! Kindly share after you view once….thank you! Normally I won’t beg for views as I honestly think if the video is good it will be shared virally. However, youtube recently come up with some kind of machine learning algorithm to flag videos that are […]

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