COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 21 – Elderly

Just had a good talk with dad about COVID19, told him off not to gather in coffee shops with lots of people. I agree to let him packet food home to eat alone or to somewhere where it’s not crowded.

Crowded as usual on 18 March 2020 in Singapore

Maybe somewhere like void deck or under the shelter, that way can maintain proper social distance with other people.

He seemed to think Singapore won’t be like Italy or UK or Spain.
That’s what people in Italy thought 1 week ago and nobody then wore any surgical masks & continued to go out as per normal, same as UK, Spain & now USA.

Singapore have certain temperature that the virus may NOT be easy to spread in public under the hot sun but many continue to use air-conditioner in their office, public transport, home to enjoy their life when the heat get too unbearable. (Pro tip: Use fans)

Unfortunately, the idea of not wearing a mask if you are healthy is deep rooted now and some will even laugh at people who wear a mask. Many carriers of the COVID-19 are not symptomatic healthy individuals that do not have any fever or cough, they can spread to anyone they talk to or stay close enough for an extended period of time.

Some says they are very healthy, can fight off “the flu”… but this is NOT THE FLU. Many young & healthy infected patients can stay in hospital for 20 to 30 days incubated if serious & even after they recover may only have 20% to 50% of lung capacity left and may take YEARS to fully recover not to mention expensive recurring medications.

Being asthmatic in the past, it took me 20 years to recover & become less of an issue & only recur when I’m really sick or during the annual haze seasons in Singapore and only now I do not need an inhaler around in emergencies.

If people know me back when I’m in school & army, they may not know why I cannot play sports that need good stamina …. many even laugh why I am unable to slim down.

They do NOT know how hard is it so breath with asthma, the wheezing at night that wakes me up to cough out phlegms, the problems that ordinary people do not understand until it’s too late.

The problem is many elderly simply do not care about a simple “FLU” with 1 -2% death rates in some countries & don’t care about how COVID-19 had overwhelmed the medical system in Italy, Spain and soon UK and think it won’t happen in Singapore.

That’s the reasons many still continue go to coffeeshops & gather with friends instead of maintaining a safe 1-2 meters apart, that’s why they don’t wear mask when they walk around.

Please please please educate your parents about the danger they are putting themselves & the love ones around them in.

Until we get a sudden spike in cases like daily spike of 100 COVID-19 cases like in Malaysia, then the government will then will react to it & start to shut down everything to reduce mass infection and only allow people to come out for food, medical supplies or other essentials.

However that said, everyone should do their part & do not contribute to the sudden spike in cases & overwhelm our health system.

So please educate your parents, grand parents the importance of social distancing & advice to them what to do during this Pandemic.

Stay safe, be prepared, be positive, & good luck!

Update: COVID-19: S’pore confirms new single-day high of 47 cases including 33 imported, total 313