COVID-19 A Singaporean Story Part 23 – First 2 deaths in SG

21 March 2020 Noon

As of 21 March 2020, Singapore have 385 infected with COVID-19 and 2 deaths & 131 had recovered and the numbers will probably changed by the time you are reading this.

Firstly, I like to express my deepest condolences to the family & friends of the two deceased.

May they get eternal peace in heaven.

These deaths are not going the the only ones as you know other countries are facing mass death by the minutes.

As of 21 March 2020, Global infection is 279552 & 11431 deaths (Changed)

It’s about time we talk about treasuring your love ones when they are alive but doing it a safe distance as many younger infected people have only mild symptoms like itchy throat & headaches.

Food deliveries will be your life lines, cleaning your home is priority now to make your home the safe zones.

Personal protective equipments are paramount when you are with any vulnerable people, most do not care about wearing one but having one on now is better than none.

Avoid going out unnecessary unless it’s for food & necessity like medications. Seek alternatives for food & groceries like online deliveries.

Always maintain a safe distance (about 1 meter) from the person in front of you & behind you when you are queuing for anything.

Wash your hands if you get into contact with any public surfaces & if you can’t wash your hands, imagine your hands are full of shit.

Use contactless payment whenever possible, cash are rumoured to harbour the virus for a certain amount of time and wash your hands after touching any cash.

Work from home via internet may be the best options for all but understand it may not be possible for all industries as many need to be physically present, maybe it’s time to stagger the working hours so that there are no peak hours for transportations & isolate people as much as possible.

There are many innovative ways to continue to have a safe distance yet able to continue to have retail opened like those in China.

I also wish there is a way to make any virus visible to the human naked eyes, maybe a type of spray that can make the virus glow brightly when UV light is used.

For now, we can only assume every surfaces are infectious & only wash our own hands.

As the death rates increases, there will be more & more depressed people around so please avoid walking under high rise buildings as the chance of people jumping may be high especially the global investment markets are tanking in the bear market.

As many contrarian says, with every downturns there will always be an upturn but beware of false hopes.

The key to buying investments during a bear market is to identify what caused the market to collapse, and only invest once that “thing or event or person” is not in effect.

We must maintain certain amount of hope left for humanity, starts preparing for alternative sources of food & services.

We may even have to start planting potatoes randomly so that people can find them & eat when they are hungry in the near future.

Let’s stay positive, be prepared, be healthy & good luck!